Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Performing Arts...

Somedays our dudes talk and other days they prefer to express themselves with facial gestures. Here's Ollie winking at me, I am wondering what is he trying to tell me.
Now, I think he is pissed off that I did not understand him!
Now, he is making the sheepish face, I think he is telling me that he is a bunny!?!?

Augustus said that he could do better. He can stick out his tongue,
blow up his cheeks,
and make a crooked smile!
Well, I am so proud!

After much silliness we reflected on the following:

"Take heed lest excessive reading and too many acts of piety in the daytime and the night season make you vainglorious. Should a person but recite a single verse from the Holy Writings in a spirit of joy and radiance, this would be better for him that reciting wearily all the Scriptures of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Recite ye the verses of God in such measure that ye not be overtaken with fatigue or boredom. Burden not your souls as to cause exhaustion and weigh them down, but, rather endeavour to lighten them, that they may soar on the wings of revealed Verses unto the dawning place of His signs. This is conducive to nearer access unto God, were ye to comprehend."

That's all we needed to read...cat boys joyously dropped all reading, filled their paws with kisses and started blowing them in the air while prancing about. Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Crooked smiles and winks are wonderful.

  2. Especially coming from kitties Hannah...sending you winks and smiles! xx

  3. really, now.
    do ollie and augustus make faces on command??

    the readings give me great hope and strength. thank you.


  4. yes marie, ollie and augustus make faces on command and sometimes without command...they are expressive bundles of joy!
    that reading gave us all hope...doodles thought they could run and play but I reminded them that they were no sufis and really not spending much time with devotions so they better not abandon their books xoxo

  5. Wow, I´m holding my belly and laughing. Thanks.

  6. xoxo to Carolina from Ollie and Gussy..

    LindaFaye, thank you for the visit, these cats talk a LOT, I mean a LOT, wishing you a lovely day!

    Mette, I laugh at them too and i think they get mad at me...they are too funny! xoxo

  7. Oh those boys. I think ollie is sucking his teeth. My father in law does it all the time, drives us crazy. I must say he makes for a cute bunny. Augustus has nothing on him in that regard, but my heart still stays true for Auggie. Must be his nonchalant cool demeanor as he ignores me. Keeps me coming back for more.

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  9. Ah, the boys never seemed like too much of the bible thumping kind... lamenting over scriptures day in and day out... I see they enjoy Gods creation and revel in that... their too humorous for such seriousness and piety:) and I like's that!

  10. I think Ollie was trying to tell you he got something in his eye, then realized he's a bunny.

    I agree about the excessive readings and acts of piety.

  11. Michaela- you have me laughing
    Anne- Ollie send you special bunny kisses
    Susan- only you know exactly what Ollie says...hee hee