Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waking up from their siesta....

"Where are my little kitties?", that's how I call for them when I return home. "Where are they?", I want to know.
Silently, and out of nowhere, Augustus appears, his fur a bit ruffled from his siesta. He gives me the hello look.
Up the stairs, the 3rd-floor resident, fluffy and golden, looks down at me.
Ooohhh- someone needs to wake up.
We appear outdoors immediately,
and scope the surroundings.
Augustus seats himself in his plant to listen to the birds.
Yawn, waking up!
Naughtiness boys make faces at each other and stick their tongues out. I think my work is done.

I did not read with them on this particular afternoon sensing that they were not about to get into the learning mode. Instead I myself read this:

"...It is in the context of raising the level of human capacity through the expansion of knowledge at all levels that the economic issues facing humankind need to be addressed. As the experience of recent decades has demonstrated, material benefits and endeavors cannot be regarded as ends in themselves. Their value consists not only in providing for humanity's basic needs in housing, food, health care, and the like, but in extending the reach of human abilities. The most important role that economic efforts must play in development lies, therefore, in equipping people and institutions with the means through which they can achieve the real purpose of development: that is, laying foundations for a new social order that can cultivate the limitless potentialities latent in human consciousness.

The challenge to economic thinking is to accept unambiguously this purpose of development -- and its own role in fostering creation of the means to achieve it. Only in this way can economics and the related sciences free themselves from the undertow of the materialistic preoccupations that now distract them, and fulfill their potential as tools vital to achieving human well-being in the full sense of the term. Nowhere is the need for a rigorous dialogue between the work of science and the insights of religion more apparent." (Prosperity of Humankind)

Although they did not participate in the reading still the cat boys made big afternoon kisses, filled their paws with them, and blew them in the air for you. They send you their love and greetings.



  1. Oh, so lovely faces! How much time does your post shoot take per day?

  2. Ollie looks like he is in a hot tub. Love it! And love that HUGE yawn--too much!xoxo

  3. Mette,
    Thank you for visiting. The post takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the length of it. Hope you are having a great day! xo

    LBR, Ollie in a hot tub... : ) He is quite a scene when he tries to wake up. See you soon. xoxo

  4. They make me sleepy...."kitty in planter" TOO adorable!

  5. I love those yawns. You are a handy one with the camera.

  6. love the boys' wakeful expressions.
    it appears augustus is bowing and saying with great feeling: