Friday, January 14, 2011

Rolling into the weekend, already the second week in 2011

Dear Friends, This is Ollie last night, belly full of tuna, he lays on the ground and thinks of good things!

The night was short and a warm January morning had the cat boys all excited. I took the dudes to the so-called back yard, the little feline romping field, Ollie hops around in the moist, cool grass and plays pretend games.
Gussy wonders what his brother is up to.
Soon they engage in a little game wherein I naturally participate.
"Who is behind that wall?", Ollie wants to know.
"Who is behind this wall?", Augustus wants to know.
Ha ha...I caught the little Gusser peeking...
and here is Ollie, paw in mid-air!
Later, Augustus goes on to do his rounds and I have the Ginger cat with me, place him on a high ledge that we have just installed. If I am going to read to Ollie, I better put him on a high ledge.
We read an old favorite of Augustus',

"Meditate on what the poet hath written: "Wonder not, if my Best-Beloved be closer to me than mine own self; wonder at this, that I, despite such nearness, should still be so far from Him."... Considering what God hath revealed, that "We are closer to man than his life-vein," the poet hath, in allusion to this verse, stated that, though the revelation of my Best-Beloved hath so permeated my being that He is closer to me than my life-vein, yet, notwithstanding my certitude of its reality and my recognition of my station, I am still so far removed from Him. By this he meaneth that his heart, which is the seat of the All-Merciful and the throne wherein abideth the splendor of His revelation, is forgetful of its Creator, hath strayed from His path, hath shut out itself from His glory, and is stained with the defilement of earthly desires.

It should be remembered in this connection that the one true God is in Himself exalted beyond and above proximity and remoteness. His reality transcendeth such limitations. His relationship to His creatures knoweth no degrees. That some are near and others are far is to be ascribed to the manifestations themselves.

That the heart is the throne, in which the Revelation of God the All-Merciful is centered, is attested by the holy utterances which We have formerly revealed.

Among them is this saying: "Earth and heaven cannot contain Me; what can alone contain Me is the heart of him that believeth in Me, and is faithful to My Cause." How often hath the human heart, which is the recipient of the light of God and the seat of the revelation of the All-Merciful, erred from Him Who is the Source of that light and the Well Spring of that revelation. It is the waywardness of the heart that removeth it far from God, and condemneth it to remoteness from Him. Those hearts, however, that are aware of His Presence, are close to Him, and are to be regarded as having drawn nigh unto His throne.

Consider, moreover, how frequently doth man become forgetful of his own self, whilst God remaineth, through His all-encompassing knowledge, aware of His creature, and continueth to shed upon him the manifest radiance of His glory. It is evident, therefore, that, in such circumstances, He is closer to him than his own self. He will, indeed, so remain for ever, for, whereas the one true God knoweth all things, perceiveth all things, and comprehendeth all things, mortal man is prone to err, and is ignorant of the mysteries that lie enfolded within him...." (Gleanings)

which he thoroughly enjoyed, and then he assumed the posture of reflection to let me know that he was trying to meditate upon that reading.
When I was leaving for work Ollie made his pawful of kisses and meowed you a happy Friday. Gustopher did the same later when I picked him up from his morning rounds.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!



  1. well, happy friday to you, my I wish we could meet for a cup of hot tea this week end!

    hoping yours has some relaxation penciled in!...( me , I have to write a syllabus :( )xxxxxxooooo

  2. you read my mind kerin...I was thinking today after seeing your blog about my trip to much I loved it, and was thinking of when the opportunity would present itself again...aaahhh

    I don't have any relaxation penciled in and that is probably why I am craving it sooooo much!

    A syallbus? Let me write it for you, that ought to confuse them! xoxo

  3. OH that peek~a~boo puss in the name of Gus & that belly~boy Ollie are just the CUTEST!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend M!!!

  4. MLJ, your comment made me laugh so hard...I always offer to grade my sister's science student's know, offer the artist perspective on their work....she never thinks this is funny or a good idea!

    oh, my word verification is 'bemonal"....

    I was bemonal that I could not have tea with mona today....bemonal over mona...ok, back to work, I am losing my mind here!

  5. "Gusser Peeking" is the cutest foto yet!
    Happy weekend wishes sweet lady.

  6. saturday morning greetings to you, mona, and the boys.

    sweet little photo of augustus peeking through the hole in the wall.
    wise ollie: meditating. love that face.

    the heart is the throne and secrets therein lie.
    it's obvious the two boys have many secrets but they also have wonderful meditating hearts.


  7. Nancy--- you too...kisses from afar!
    kerin--- I see you think as I do, haha, those poor students! I am bemonal too : ) xxoo
    Ro- enjoy the lovely weekend, it is gorgeous here!
    marie- happy sunday your new hat and the rest...xoxo

  8. Hope your weekend has been filled with delightful pussycat games. Sending Lily kisses back to all of you!

  9. Ahhhhh! Agustus is adorable peeking through....What a happy day those boys had in there adventures!