Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harmony, love and mutual trust...

At yesterday's outing Ollie was filled with admiration for his long-legged brother.

Gus was showing him how to jump up on a narrow patio wall...



Ollie showed his athleticism by squeezing through the rails, which is actually not easy, requires courage and suppleness.
To this act Augustus smiled with approval. He thought it was cute.
When Ollie squeezed back out I asked him if he would be the one to make kisses for delivery.
He obliged immediately, jumped on the ground and started filling his big paws with kisses to blow away for you!
Later at night, two tired cats, decided to read, so they assumed the posture of reading and reflecting and

read the following:

"The Lord of all mankind hath fashioned this human realm to be a Garden of Eden, an earthly paradise. If, as it must, it findeth the way to harmony and peace, to love and mutual trust, it will become a true abode of bliss, a place of manifold blessings and unending delights. Therein shall be revealed the excellence of humankind, therein shall the rays of the Sun of Truth shine forth on every hand.

Remember how Adam and the others once dwelt together in Eden. No sooner, however, did a quarrel break out between Adam and Satan than they were, one and all, banished from the Garden, and this was meant as a warning to the human race, a means of telling humankind that dissension -- even with the Devil -- is the way to bitter loss. This is why, in our illumined age, God teacheth that conflicts and disputes are not allowable, not even with Satan himself."
Selections AbdulBaha

Well, it was a pleasant evening and cat boys went to bed with feelings of love for you, and they already sent the necessary kisses too!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Oh no his Suppleness really was filling his paws :) :)

  2. Wouldn't it be great if disputes and conflicts weren't allowable?

    It does indeed take courage and suppleness to squeeze through rails.

  3. Wouldn't it be great if disputes and conflicts weren't allowable?

    It does indeed take courage and suppleness to squeeze through rails.

  4. Ro and Susan- I am glad you were impressed with his suppleness, he works hard at it.
    Susan, I am with you...I need to remember this every time I sense a conflict coming! Hope you lovely gals are having a grand day! xoxo

  5. I will remember this...
    Not too many conflicts are worth clamoring my carefully constructed peace.

    xo lovely boys:)

  6. I wonder why my earlier comment shows up twice?

    Anyway, I came back just to let you know that I finally did a post explaining what we're trying to do with Gray kitty and his litter mate Brownie. It's got some cute pictures your kitties might enjoy.


  7. " our illumined age...."
    it appears that the cat boys were beyond disputes, themselves, today....


  8. If I lived with Ollie I would have to give up blogging. WHy? Because I would spend ALL of my time kissing him and Lily. There would be no time for anything else.

  9. M- I remind myself of the same. Love CountryRoadFarm xoxo

    Susan- your Gray is gorgeous, kisses to Gray

    marie- the boys did have a dispute free day, most time they dispute, that is what prompted the reading xo

    LBR-I know what you mean and that is why I accomplish nothing, most of my time is spent kissing kitties, and if Lily were here she would have to be kissed too xxoo

  10. You managed to catch a perfect jump! Augustus is very talented. And once again, Ollie, oh Ollie.

  11. Such a good jumper! Look at that Ollie with his quick wit and sly moves.

  12. Look at those boys!!! :)
    and your wisdom - love you to and them!!

  13. They are the most adorable cats!