Monday, February 28, 2011

Remembering this past Saturday, Feb 26th

So many changes, Ollie is sitting and remembering.
The day started with the usual early early morning walk, shenanigans and breakfast al fresco.
In no time I was off to north pasadena, a little damp and I see snow flakes in the foothills.
Two hours later it is snowing up here, first time since late 1940s I hear!
I am driving back to lower pasadena trying to capture the flakes on my car.
Driving not more than a few minutes and I see the clearing ahead of me.
And I am out of the rain/snow zone.
I cannot take enough pictures of these clouds that I like to squeeze.

Off to a friend's home for a potluck where I see these dudes...apparently they knew of this event too and I can only wish that my cat boys were here too!
The day was not long just for me but also for the cat boys who spent the entire day outdoors. Back indoors they did ask for a reading

and so we read this

As for the spiritual perfections they are man's birthright and belong to him alone of all creation. Man is, in reality, a spiritual being, and only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy.

which they enjoyed but we were all too exhausted to reflect on the passage. So the cat boys just made kisses and meowed good night!

Ciao everyone!

PS- a special friend, Honorable Judge James Nelson passed on and the boys prayed for the progress of his soul

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking you on a very short dawn excursion...

Augustus on the patio wall has just finished his breakfast, served to him al fresco...
Ollie senses Augustus' looks on his back! Did he miss out?
I get out and walk down the street with my followers.
I take a snap shot of these spiky balls, which never fail to please my eyes.
Augustus and Ollie practice feline drama, here we have Augustus in his hunt pose.
And here is Ollie in his 'I am ready to sprint pose'.
Ollie walks rapidly down the street. I asked him where he thought he was heading to.
He told me that he was going to the Tabernacle of Unity.
This suddenly reminded me of a reading that I had heard last night and so we quickly reviewed it together.

"Say: O children of dust! He Who is the Spirit of Purity saith: In this glorious Day whatsoever can purge you from defilement and ensure your peace and tranquillity, that indeed is the straight Path, the Path that leadeth unto Me. To be purged from defilement is to be cleansed of that which is injurious to man and detracteth from his high station—among which is to take undue pleasure in one’s own words and deeds, notwithstanding their unworthiness. True peace and tranquillity will only be realized when every soul will have become the well-wisher of all mankind. He Who is the All-Knowing beareth Me witness: were the peoples of the world to grasp the true significance of the words of God, they would never be deprived of their portion of the ocean of His bounty. In the firmament of truth there hath never been, nor will there ever be, a brighter star than this....O children of dust! Turn your faces from the darkness of estrangement to the effulgent light of the daystar of unity. This is that which above all else will benefit the peoples of the earth." (Tabernacle of Unity)

We regrouped further down and I served treats.
We ran here and there for a bit longer, then walked back to our condo, a few chases here and there, back to the humble backyard, and I caught Augustus admiring the palm tree.

O yes, o yes, this is a favorite of mine too, love the leaves.
"I have to go to work dudes", I said. It was 6:30 and so I ran to prepare but on my way I had to take yet another snap shot of this tree that I find to be very beautiful. Here it is this morning.
The cat dudes filled their lovely paws with special kisses that they made for your today and tonight and maybe even the rest of the week. They blew them in the air and waved their paws.

Happy Thursday everyone...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The last weekend witnessed

interesting scenery for the cat boys: a steaming tree, post cold evening rain;

a bold tulip tree, blooming robustly in spite of the extreme temperatures;
a dusting of snow flakes in our very own foothills not even 2 miles away.
In addition, I witnessed a curious cat absorbing the sights and smells with delight, he is the one and only Augustus!
There was also the Ollie cat in deep contemplation, "what naughtiness can I come up with today" is the thought on his mind.
A nicely divided blue and white sky as we all looked up at the sky.
Two dudes starting their exploration is my favorite scene, no doubt.
Ollie wants to know what is on the agenda besides tuna, tales and toys.
Augustus thinks that he'd better take a good look around to ensure our safety!
A meditative Augustus perched himself on a patio wall in the cool morning hours under the warming rays of sun.
Chubby cheeks, aka, Mr Puffy Pants, sniffed flowers.

The collective we only had enough focus to read a brief passage and this was it:

"Know that the order and the perfection of the whole universe require that existence should appear in numberless forms. For existing beings could not be embodied in only one degree, one station, one kind, one species and one class; undoubtedly, the difference of degrees and distinction of forms, and the variety of genus and species, are necessary -- that is to say, the degree of mineral, vegetable, animal substances, and of man, are inevitable; for the world could not be arranged, adorned, organized and perfected with man alone. In the same way, with only animals, only plants or only minerals, this world could not show forth beautiful scenery, exact organization and exquisite adornment. Without doubt it is because of the varieties of degrees, stations, species and classes that existence becomes resplendent with utmost perfection." (Some Answered Questions)

Cat dudes filled their faithful paws with loads of fresh kisses and blew them in the air for you...grab one because you will need it this week.

Ciao everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post yesterday's rain

the boys sprinted for the outdoors, each grabbing a wall to conquer.
King Ollie Puffy Pants-

King Augustus the Foofer-

Recent disruptions around the world had them pondering about governance, justice, fairness and the such. So we read and reflected on the following:

"No power on earth can prevail against the armies of justice, and every citadel must fall before them; for men willingly go down under the triumphant strokes of this decisive blade, and desolate places bloom and flourish under the tramplings of this host. There are two mighty banners which, when they cast their shadow across the crown of any king, will cause the influence of his government quickly and easily to penetrate the whole earth, even as if it were the light of the sun: the first of these two banners is wisdom; the second is justice. Against these two most potent forces, the iron hills cannot prevail, and Alexander's wall will break before them. It is clear that life in this fast-fading world is as fleeting and inconstant as the morning wind, and this being so, how fortunate are the great who leave a good name behind them, and the memory of a lifetime spent in the pathway of the good pleasure of God.

It is all one, if it be a throne

Or the bare ground under the open sky,

Where the pure soul lays him

Down to die.[1]"

[1 Sa'di, The Gulistan, On the Conduct of Kings.]

The cat boys felt pretty good about this reading and roamed quite a bit more pretending to be just kings, and that they are. The game had to end pretty quickly though since kings don't know how to fill their paws with love kisses and the boys do, so kisses were made and blown in the air. Wishing everyone a lovely rest of the week.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

away from the hurried and grinding

One day last week when we were in our modest backyard I told Ollie about this hurried life...

He said that he understood!
Augustus, well Augustus was hearing things...his super special cat ears were at work.
Yup, I think he heard an ant or a bug, he hunted it and beat it around a few times.
Then he relaxed. I think he was telling me that there was no reason to get caught into an uncontrollable stream, he was telling me to listen carefully, hunt and roll in the dirt.
Ollie found this behavior somewhat strange and thought he'd better check the rolling site out for himself,
and so he went to sniff for himself (independent investigation of facts by Mr Puffy Pants).
When I saw him coming towards me
I knew that I was in for some kisses.

So, there we have it, one kittie tells me to relax and take it easy, and the other gives me kisses...I believe that I am in a very good place!

Cat boys reflected on this

"To listen another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another."
- Douglas V. Steere, Quaker Spirituality

and then filled their love paws with love kisses, which they blew in the air for YOU! Happy Wednesday everyone!