Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"If I wrote down all of my feelings for you"

7 a.m., 28 September 2010, somewhere inPasadena, CA, two cats, Augustus
and ???


gave in to the heat!

I read to them a short story:

Once the rats and mice held an important conference the subject of which was how to make peace with the cat. After a long and heated discussion it was decided that the best thing to do would be to tie a bell around the neck of the cat so that the rats and mice would be warned of his movements and have time to get out of his way. This seemed an excellent plan until the question arose as to who should undertake the dangerous job of belling the cat. None of the rats liked the idea and the mice thought they were altogether too weak. So the conference broke up in confusion. (Portals to Freedom)

and played for them music to boost their self-esteem.

Cat boys filled their paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air for all the wonderful yous!

Ciao everyone!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Air plants and cats...

First off before we forget, here are some air plants that we purchased from kara of to hold! We found an unused jar/vase and some random Indian beads, et viola, we have a plant that we won't be able to ruin (we think)! It mostly needs air and very little else!

We are concerned about the heat and wondering what to do, what to do, Gus and I ???

Naturally Ollie is going to clown around, we can see it in his eyes
He says 'give me a kiss on my lips mommie'. Oh that little cat boy!
He said that he was knocked off his feet because he had the vapors!!!
He gives me the come-and-play-with-me look!
Well, for the most part that is all we do, play, work, work, play, and reading in between:

A superficial culture, unsupported by a cultivated morality, is as "a confused medley of dreams,"and external lustre without inner perfection is "like a vapor in the desert which the thirsty dreameth to be water."

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend because cat boys did blow pawfuls of their kisses in the air for you! See you soon!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


our thoughts are fixated on couches, comfy chairs, and beds...

but even then some thoughts flow through our heads

"... periodic crises, instrumental in weeding out harmful elements, fortifying foundations, demonstrating resilience, releasing a further measure of latent powers..."

Our sleepy catboys mustered up enough energy to fill their paws with kisses and blew them in the air wishing all a most lovely Friday!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to read cats...

I have this feeling that I no longer need to comment on the photos because most of you read the boys accurately.
For example, on this particular afternoon, Olser boy was demanding a lot of attention and as I was preparing to chat with Augustus he jumped up on the patio wall to block the conversation. He is ginger cat with a ginger personality and we all know it.

This is obvious- August is trying to enjoy the moment in spite of his little brother horsing around.

This is not an innocent look. With his sideway glance he is telling me that if I don't stop with the photo shoot he is going to punish me in some unknown fashion.

The rest are all too obvious. Kitties are all ears...

Feel free to tell me what this look is...I already know it.

I had no particular thoughts in mind, just enjoying the moment with the cat boys. I decided to think about this...

"The language of kindness is the lodestone of hearts and the food of the soul; it stands in the relation of ideas to words, and is as an horizon for the shining of the Sun of Wisdom and Knowledge.” (Gleanings)

And yes, yes, they did fill their furry paws with kisses and blow them in the air for you. : )


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflecting, Looking Ahead...

Choosing this plant for our reflection meeting,

the three of us sat down for a bit.

We reminisced,

Ollie looking a bit weary from all the playing and naughtiness...

Augustus, a bit concerned about tomorrow and what it might bring!
We all then looked ahead, the only way to look,

and we thought of this:

"We must always look ahead and seek to accomplish in the future what we may have failed to do in the past. Failures, tests, and trials, if we use them correctly, can become the means of purifying our spirits, strengthening our characters, and enable us to rise to greater heights of service."

(From a letter dated 14 December 1941 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual)

As the sun was setting on this pleasant Sunday, Gus cuddled on his wall

while Ollie relaxed indoors!

Smooch, smooch, his eyes are saying. : )

Cat dudes filled their tired paws with lovely kisses and wished all a delightful week ahead!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Cat boys told me that if I did not convey

their weekend wishes to their friends, I'd better not show my face home. Honestly though, it was a busy week and we missed everyone.

Doodle 1 and doodle 2 wish that you all walk in sync this weekend,

that you explore together or tidy your homes,

that you look at the ripples on some body of water,

that you laugh heartily,

and that you silently meditate and say, Ahhhhhh!!!

Then the three of us thought of the same thought, "...rejoice in the gladness of your heart...", boys filled their paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air...until next week,


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Two days in a row cat boys have found this amazing hummingbird...they love the sight and the sounds as do I.

Aside from the hummingbird that had us all mesmerized, this little dude

and this other little dude

have exerted themselves to be more naughty than permissible in books of feline parenting.

Finally collected in the house, they sit and read, selection chosen by Gustopher Jones who has the side of his neck shaved because he has allergies. He had to get a steroid shot for his allergies and an antibiotic shot for his infected paw.
Ollie bullie spent all day outdoors and repeated the same today much to our discontent...I think tonight we may have to sit down to some serious talking.

"O My servants! Could ye apprehend with what wonders of My munificence and bounty I have willed to entrust your souls, ye would, of a truth, rid yourselves of attachment to all created things, and would gain a true knowledge of your own selves—a knowledge which is the same as the comprehension of Mine own Being. Ye would find yourselves independent of all else but Me, and would perceive, with your inner and outer eye, and as manifest as the revelation of My effulgent Name, the seas of My loving-kindness and bounty moving within you. Suffer not your idle fancies, your evil passions, your insincerity and blindness of heart to dim the luster, or stain the sanctity, of so lofty a station. Ye are even as the bird which soareth, with the full force of its mighty wings and with complete and joyous confidence, through the immensity of the heavens, until, impelled to satisfy its hunger, it turneth longingly to the water and clay of the earth below it, and, having been entrapped in the mesh of its desire, findeth itself impotent to resume its flight to the realms whence it came. Powerless to shake off the burden weighing on its sullied wings, that bird, hitherto an inmate of the heavens, is now forced to seek a dwelling-place upon the dust. Wherefore, O My servants, defile not your wings with the clay of waywardness and vain desires, and suffer them not to be stained with the dust of envy and hate, that ye may not be hindered from soaring in the heavens of My divine knowledge." (Gleanings)

We can smell the weekend practically...little boys send you kisses and best wishes! Ciao!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What happens during some early mornings...

I wonder what these two have in mind for me today!One set of track marks, I wonder who keeps running back and forth...a lion perhaps?...
and another set of paw prints, is this a jag?...The good detective that I am I spot one little dude
staring at me from above....
and out of the blue appears this other fellow..."Were you looking for me?", he says.

Later we looked at some pictures that kitty mom took on her Saturday walk...

and read the following story...

The Jackal who pretended to be a Peacock.
A jackal fell into a dye-pit, and his skin was dyed of various colors. Proud of his splendid appearance, he returned to his companions, and desired them to address him as a peacock. But they proceeded to test his pretensions, saying, "Dost thou scream like a peacock, or strut about gardens as peacocks are wont to do?" And he was forced to admit that he did not, whereupon they rejected his pretensions. Another story, also on the subject of false pretenders, follows. A proud man who lacked food procured a skin full of fat, greased his beard and lips with it, and called on his friends to observe how luxuriously he had dined. But his belly was vexed at this, because it was hungry, and he was destroying his chance of being invited to dinner by his friends. So the belly cried to God, and a cat came and carried off the skin of fat, and so the man's false pretences were exposed. The poet takes occasion to point out that Pharaoh's pretensions to divinity exactly resembled the pretensions of this jackal, and adds that all such false pretenders may be detected by the mark noted in the Book, "Ye shall know them by the strangeness of their speech." This recalls the story of Harut and Marut, two angels who were very severe on the frailties of mankind, and whom God sent down upon the earth to be tempted, with the result that they both succumbed to the charms of the daughters of men.

A pair of delighted cat boys filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air wishing all a lovely Wednesday!