Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What follows...

When I see this scene

I am generally pretty sure that the sequence was triggered by a fluffy orange tail, no need to name any names.

And when I see this confrontative arrangement

I guess that earlier some meows were exchanged

that may have preceded or led to this:

However, always, they try to kiss and make up, which explains this tight hug!

Later on indoors and before this happens

we read this

"O banished and faithful friend! Quench the thirst of heedlessness with the sanctified waters of My grace, and chase the gloom of remoteness through the morning-light of My Divine presence. Suffer not the habitation wherein dwelleth My undying love for thee to be destroyed through the tyranny of covetous desires, and overcloud not the beauty of the heavenly Youth with the dust of self and passion. Clothe thyself with the essence of righteousness, and let thine heart be afraid of none except God. Obstruct not the luminous spring of thy soul with the thorns and brambles of vain and inordinate affections, and impede not the flow of the living waters that stream from the fountain of thine heart. Set all thy hope in God, and cleave tenaciously to His unfailing mercy. Who else but Him can enrich the destitute, and deliver the fallen from his abasement?

O My servants! Were ye to discover the hidden, the shoreless oceans of My incorruptible wealth, ye would, of a certainty, esteem as nothing the world, nay, the entire creation..."

while Gustopher smilingly reflects
then he does this.

I know at some point out there they made kisses in haste to send your way. Hope you caught some because they are rare on these very busy days!


Friday, March 25, 2011

All this rain...

Cat boys wanted to know what all this rain was good for so I showed them this flower.

Augustus' expression tells me that he is unsure, purple flower or wet fur, that is the question?

Ollie is pretty sure that wet fur is not acceptable, his luxurious mane does not like extremes of weather conditions- too wet is bad and too dry is staticky!

The two conversed over a good fresh graze

and I sensed that I was going to be in trouble when I saw them talking privately
so I quickly pulled out my book of readings and started reading this to them:

"Consider! When the rain, the heat, the sun and the gentle zephyrs cooperate with each other, what beautiful gardens are produced! How the various kinds of hyacinths, flowers, trees and plants associate with each other and are conducive to the adornment and charm of one another! Hence the oneness of the bounty of the sun, the oneness of rain and the oneness of the breeze have so overcome all other considerations, that the variety of hues, fragrances and tastes have increased the adornment, the attraction and sweetness of the whole. In a similar manner, when the divine Collective Center and the outpouring of the Sun of Reality and the breaths of the Holy Spirit are brought together, the variety of races and the differences existing between countries will become the cause of the embellishment, decoration and elegance of the world of humanity..."

The strategy was successful. The boys listened, meowed, then made kisses and blew them in the air for you. Wishing you the weekend that you would like to have!

Ciao everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Under this shy and gentle March sun of ours

we were shooting the breeze, singing, sniffing, and eating grass! I could not love Mr Puffy Pants or Bubba Guss anymore than I already do.
Here they are following me around, I like for them to sit still so I can snap a nice picture but no, that won't work.
"Here I am," says Augustus. "What next?"

Curiosity finally moved the ginger puff.
Now he is giving me the 'I-am-ignoring-you' look. I know your games, I told Ollie, I know your games little man.
Feeling the craziness in the world, the boys decided to read and reflect upon this:

O ye lovers of this wronged one! Cleanse ye your eyes, so that ye behold no man as different from yourselves. See ye no strangers; rather see all men as friends, for love and unity come hard when ye fix your gaze on otherness. And in this new and wondrous age, the Holy Writings say that we must be at one with every people; that we must see neither harshness nor injustice, neither malevolence, nor hostility, nor hate, but rather turn our eyes toward the heaven of ancient glory. For each of the creatures is a sign of God, and it was by the grace of the Lord and His power that each did step into the world; therefore they are not strangers, but in the family; not aliens, but friends, and to be treated as such. (Selections AB)

Hmmm! So tough! We agreed that this was a rather tough exhortation but we decided to think about it every now and then.

Later we all hummed to this, remembering him.

Boys then filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air for you. Catch them because they are delicious and quite rare.

Ciao everyone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here comes the sun, du du dudu...

Cat dudes decided to sing for you

this tune to celebrate the sliver of sun that was peaking through the clouds. Enjoy!

"Consider again the sun when it is completely hidden behind the clouds. Though the earth is still illumined with its light, yet the measure of light which it receiveth is considerably reduced. Not until the clouds have dispersed, can the sun shine again in the plenitude of its glory. Neither the presence of the cloud nor its absence can, in any way, affect the inherent splendor of the sun. The soul of man is the sun by which his body is illumined, and from which it draweth its sustenance, and should be so regarded..." (Gleanings)

The cat boys also sent you kisses, and here's them watching the kisses blow away in the air!

Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wondering, readjusting, connecting...

So much has happened in such a short time! This is what we were thinking standing under these beautiful blades!
Augustus wondering
Augustus adjusting
Ollie connecting
Ollie adjusting

We read this ...

"The perfume is intimately commingled and blended with the bud, and once the bud hath opened the sweet scent of it is spread abroad. The herb is not without its fruit, although it seemeth so, for in this garden of God every plant exerteth its own influence and hath its own properties, and every plant can even match the laughing, hundred-petalled rose in rejoicing the sense with its fragrance. Be thou assured of this. Although the pages of a book know nothing of the words and the meanings traced upon them, even so, because of their connection with these words, friends pass them reverently from hand to hand. This connection, furthermore, is purest bounty..." Selections

I asked Ollie to make kisses and so he did. Gussy sent his best wishes!

Wishing you a peaceful week! Ciao!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning Meditations...



The morning light, the air just so right, two cat boys sitting about sunning themselves, gazing, pondering...this was what I witnessed at 6:15 this morning. Of course the day began at 5 a.m. promptly.

Cat boys read this:

"The meditative faculty is akin to the mirror; if you put it before earthly objects it will reflect them. Therefore if the spirit of man is contemplating earthly subjects he will be informed of these. But if you turn the mirror of your spirits heavenwards, t e heavenly constellations and the rays of the Sun of Reality will be reflected in your hearts, and the virtues of the Kingdom will be obtained. Therefore let us keep this faculty rightly directed--turning it to the heavenly Sun and not to earthly objects--so that we may discover the secrets of the Kingdom, and comprehend the allegories of the Bible and the mysteries of the spirit. May we indeed become mirrors reflecting the heavenly realities, and may we become so pure as to reflect the stars of heaven."
("Paris Talks)

I know the cat boys had heavenly thoughts on their minds. I hope you received their kisses.

Ciao everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sometimes clear and concerted....

that was the overarching feeling in the air this past Saturday, at least for some moments in the morning hours. We were in the urban backyard, the three of us. Our favorite palm that stands tall and alone was particularly calm.

The cat boys were perched on the neighbor's patio wall and as I looked at the two of them I heard the music and watched the concert.

Ollie up, Gussy up
Ollie up, Gussy down
Ollie up, Gussy left
Ollie back, Gussy back
Ollie back, Gussy front
Ollie right, Gussy left....PAUSE
Singing bird now arriving in the tree.

Ollie back, Gussy back!
Ollie gives me the look, Gussy loves the bird.
At some point that day the cat boys filled their paws with special kisses for everyone, they were in good spirits.

At some point that day, evening to be more exact, Sylvester and I went to

"Musicians, Poets And Dancers Of The Harlem Renaissance"

that was presented by Dr Ron McCurdy of USC. The event that included jazz, film, poetry and a talk was very informative and also great fun. The cat boys expressed interest in poetry and jazz when I told them about it.

At some point during the weekend we read and reflected, just a bit only, on this:

"High aims and pure motives, however laudable in themselves, will surely not suffice if unsupported by measures that are practicable and methods that are sound. Wealth of sentiment, abundance of goodwill and effort, will prove of little avail if we should fail to exercise discrimination and restraint and neglect to direct their flow along the most profitable channels. The unfettered freedom of the individual should be tempered with mutual consultation and sacrifice, and the spirit of initiative and enterprise should be reinforced by a deeper realization of the supreme necessity for concerted action and a fuller devotion to the common weal..." (Shoghi Effendi)

The boys had a giveaway announcement from flordesol that must not be missed...the boys meowed MOSSSSSS...

Hope your weekend was concerted and furry,,,hope you received a few cat kisses.

Ciao everyone!