Friday, April 24, 2009

Tell me more Master...

Korean Friendship Monument in San Pedro, CA; Photograph courtesy of Angel Di Bilio, Ph.D. Chemist (You may read about it here.)

"...Do not think the peace of the world an ideal impossible to attain. Nothing is impossible to the divine benevolence of God. If you desire with all your heart friendship with every race on earth, your thought, spiritual and positive will spread; it will become the desire of others, growing stronger until it reaches the minds of all men." Paris Talks


PS-I was not able to catch the doodle cats in action, a lot of excitement, so no cat pictures today. I told Augustus that I had a picture of the friendship monument in San Pedro. He ran to the bookcase and pulled out the above quote for me to include in the blog. Am I lucky to have Augustus in my sleepless life, indeed I am!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sherlock and Dr. Watson investigating???

Elementary my dear Watson:

There's always a story to capture when I let the doodles out of the condo. There's a lot of studying, examining, pacing, tracking, sniffing, yawning, looking. jumping, talking, gurgling, and taking notes. Today I let you come up with your own story because if you know these boys, you know they are up to something!

Love to all and Ciao!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should we play at 4 a.m.?


Ollie Bird

It must be the changing season or maybe the vitamin-packed tuna that Ollie-bird is eating but his energy levels are high these days. A couple of nights ago I had to punish him at 4 a.m. because he started wrestling with Augustus for no apparent reason, and it is tough to sleep in the midst of cat screams, flying objects and airborne felines. So, I get up, eyes shut, and throw him in the bathroom and lock the door- there. Augustus of course has to instantly plead his case by standing at the door, giving little meows, and trying to get him out.
'Nope, that shall not happen', I said.

Well, here we are again...3 a.m., and little ginger snap is at it again, only this time he attacks Augustus and runs to the bathroom door himself- he knows what he has done and is ready to be locked in. I told him that I was not falling for that trick. Your cat mom is many feline years ahead of you.
So it goes, every moment is an opportunity to play, and every punishment is turned into a game.

And, this my friends has to be the lesson for my today, to turn what appears to be difficulties into opportunities.
I will take this up later with Augs the smart cat a bit later but for now the three of us wish you a good Wednesday!


PS. I will try to remember to give you information on the feline tuna, in case you own sluggish cats

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not every day is fit for blogging...but the roses are still beautiful!

Beautiful photos of Roses in the Gardens across Kirckoff at California Institute of Technology_Pasadena, CA, courtesy of my colleague Angel Di Bilio

This is how I feel today:

Ye are even as the bird which soareth, with the full force of its mighty wings and with complete and joyous confidence, through the immensity of the heavens, until, impelled to satisfy its hunger, it turneth longingly to the water and clay of the earth below it, and, having been entrapped in the mesh of its desire, findeth itself impotent to resume its flight to the realms whence it came. Powerless to shake off the burden weighing on its sullied wings, that bird, hitherto an inmate of the heavens, is now forced to seek a dwelling-place upon the dust.

I am thinking hard, or is it that I am hardly thinking? Mmmm! Was that a yummy sound I just made, but there is no kirschen torte around that I can see!! I think I was just thinking aloud. Mmmm??!?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


PS- The cat boys say hi but they were too shy to pose today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday's Recapitulation...Sibling Rivalries!

Ollie....naughty naughty!

Augustus has injured paw!


I thought one worried about sibling rivalries if they had kids!?!? Apparently this is not necessarily so. This past Sunday was all about sibling rivalries at our home. Our little redhead Ollie (actually he is big) is very jealous, and that could be OK but unfortunately he acts on it. It is not just grumbles and looks when we pay attention to Augustus. He finds every opportunity to lunge at him, with his entire 14 pound body. The poor baby cannot control his emotions. I think this is also why he overeats and snacks so much.

I think he needs therapy, perhaps. I spend time reasoning with him but it does not seem to be working. Last night I told my husband that I can see that Ollie clearly wants to express himself but he does not understand long sentences spoken back to him. When he sees a fly or sth that concerns him he makes gurgly noises until we go and check it out, the questioning look on his face, but when we explain he says, 'what?'. I often have to act out the answer, such as, squish the bug, which means not to worry, this is harmless.

Well, this is not exactly what was on my mind this morning at 5:30 but it just came out as I was thinking about yesterday and how I have so much so very very much to do today.

Wishing all a full productive day!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another beautiful dawn...

Strolling about with doodle cats:

A trip to the farmer's market (wish I had my camera with me):

Strawberries: Only every other one is sweet! What the..?!

Gingersnaps (Ollie the cat) inspecting- "Hope there is something good in there for me!"
And, don't worry, I will wash traces of his sweet pink cat lips off the lettuce before eating. Smiles!


And Augustus wanted me to post this reading for you so you would know how he feels. He will be meditating for some hours this afternoon, and he said Namaste!!!

The Valley of Contentment

In this Valley he feeleth the winds of divine contentment blowing from the plane of the spirit. He burneth away the veils of want, and with inward and outward eye, perceiveth within and without all things the day of: “God will compensate each one out of His abundance.” From sorrow he turneth to bliss, from anguish to joy. His grief and mourning yield to delight and rapture.

Although to outward view, the wayfarers in this Valley may dwell upon the dust, yet inwardly they are throned in the heights of mystic meaning; they eat of the endless bounties of inner significances, and drink of the delicate wines of the spirit.
The tongue faileth in describing these three Valleys, and speech falleth short. The pen steppeth not into this region, the ink leaveth only a blot. In these planes, the nightingale of the heart hath other songs and secrets, which make the heart to stir and the soul to clamor, but this mystery of inner meaning may be whispered only from heart to heart, confided only from breast to breast.
Only heart to heart can speak the bliss of mystic knowers;
No messenger can tell it and no missive bear it.
I am silent from weakness on many a matter,
For my words could not reckon them and my speech would fall short.

O friend, till thou enter the garden of such mysteries, thou shalt never set lip to the undying wine of this Valley. And shouldst thou taste of it, thou wilt shield thine eyes from all things else, and drink of the wine of contentment; and thou wilt loose thyself from all things else, and bind thyself to Him, and throw thy life down in His path, and cast thy soul away. However, there is no other in this region that thou need forget: “There was God and there was naught beside Him.” For on this plane the traveler witnesseth the beauty of the Friend in everything. Even in fire, he seeth the face of the Beloved. He beholdeth in illusion the secret of reality, and readeth from the attributes the riddle of the Essence. For he hath burnt away the veils with his sighing, and unwrapped the shroudings with a single glance; with piercing sight he gazeth on the new creation; with lucid heart he graspeth subtle verities. This is sufficiently attested by: “And we have made thy sight sharp in this day.”

Wishing all contentment!


Friday, April 17, 2009

A humming treat...

You must have been asking yourself whether mrslittlejeans would post a picture that does not include her cats. She would say that the question was indeed a fair one. But don't give up too quickly.

Today you are treated to a beautiful humming bird photograph. This picture was taken by my scientist colleague Angel Di Bilio, who took up photography on the side last year, and I must say, he takes beautiful pictures. You can check out his work right here . He has me so tempted to pick up photography, and I just have to make a mental note to add photography to my list of goals, which only include learning spanish, making handmade soap, and reading more.

Speaking of goals, I am suddenly reminded of this french word I just learned today from Kristin Espinasse of French Word a Day(here), velléité (vay-lay-ee-tay), which means 'vague desire, impulse, whim', 'a desire that does not become realized'. I hope none of our goals become des velléités, and that they all become realized. How do you realize your goals?

Bon Vendredi a tous!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Second Shift

I started writing this blog at 5 in the morning and got as far as loading the pictures. I thought for sure I would have a bit of time at noon to write a few lines but ALAS...busy day + headache = I could not do it.

Yes, this was yesterday, my second shift with doodle bugs. I usually take the boys out for a little afternoon walk and then tell them to be careful while they hang out alone for several hours. Yesterday afternoon we came across an enticing find, perched on the tree. Here they are staring at a beautiful dove who was taunting the boys, and so you see the desirous look in Ollie's gorgeous caramel eyes, and action. These boys do not procrastinate, and I must learn this virtue from them.

I later went to a talk about "justice" and how there is a spiritual dimension to justice that helps one in advocacy. It sounds a bit deep, and it was. This quote below was discussed:

"Justice is a powerful force. It is, above all else, the conqueror of the citadels of the hearts and souls of men, and the revealer of the secrets of the world of being, and the standard-bearer of love and bounty." Baha'u'llah

however, I have not had a chance to discuss it with Augustus, and this I must because precious boy knows a lot, and I do not. Good night to all until the next post.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unexpected love...

Nothing in the world can equal the joy of receiving unexpected love, and this joy becomes doubled when it comes from a little slanky furry cat who is generally quite naughtly. Yesterday, was another routine day. I let out the doodle cats out ~ 5:15 a.m. because as you might know, they have business to take care of. They put on their suits, briefcase in paw, and ready to go to office. Ususally, they return for a mommy check around 6:30 (only if mommy is lucky). Well, yesterday, Augustus, the one who reads a lot, returned at 6:00 a.m. to present me with this gigantic live moth that he had carried in his mouth for at least a block, and gave it to me. How precious! We played with it for a while, and I sensed immense joy. Of course Ollie, he is the one who talks a lot, was no where to be found or else the moth would have been right in his round furry belly.

That's all I wanted to share...little expressions of love mean a lot. Aren't you also showered with feline, canine or other sorts of precious love?

PS- this story should explain the crummy photos I have posted. I could not capture the moth that was flying about, and it really was quite dark out.

Wishing you platefuls of moths or other yummy gifts from your secret lovers...

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a day, what a day!

It is a quarter of eight, Monday night. Where did this Monday go?
I take immense comfort in reading blogs, especially those that transport me to places that appear to be peaceful and relaxing. I never say I wish I were there, I just like to read, and imagine, and enjoy (I am happy about that). There's this one called Paris Breakfasts (oh yumm), and French Essence (double yumm), and French Word a Day (fun), and My Castle in Spain (just discovered)...among several other wonderful ones that I will gradually share. I am too exhausted to actually insert the links. I know that it is not all that difficult but for odd reasons not all of my commands work, and I have to look up the code to do simple tasks like changing fonts and so on. I really appreciate all those who present beautiful professional blogs with interesting topics. Anyhow, the other reason is that I have to go study. I have to lecture tomorrow and I am not totally prepared. And, if you must know, I have to give a lecture in chemistry...eeek. Is that what I heard?

Luckily, I have these two cats who are always very helpful. Augustus told me that he would personally give up the hunt tonight to help me. Here is Augustus ready to help Mommy.

Of course, let's not forget Ollie who is always ready to help. He said he would watch Augustus. Isn't he precious? Yes, he is, I know you agree.

I hope you all had more relaxing days and if not, make sure to relax tonight.

Bonne nuit!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

Early this morning the boys asked me to make sure to post a brief message wishing everyone a blessed and most happy easter. Later when we returned home Augustus pulled out a book from the bookcase with his paws and pointed to this passage that I am about to share with you.

"After the martyrdom of Christ, to Whom be glory, the disciples were greatly disturbed and disheartened. Even Peter had denied Christ and tried to shun Him. It was a woman, Mary Magdalene, who confirmed the wavering disciples in their faith, saying, “Was it the body of Christ or the reality of Christ that ye have seen crucified? Surely it was His body. His reality is everlasting and eternal; it hath neither beginning nor ending. Therefore, why are ye perplexed and discouraged? Christ always spoke of His being crucified.” Mary Magdalene was a mere villager, a peasant woman; yet she became the means of consolation and confirmation to the disciples of Christ.." From the Promulgation of Universal Peace

Well, as usual I am proud as can be of this genius cat, and all of us wish you a very special easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Augustus showed me this...
"I have breathed withiin thee a breath of My own spirit, that thou mayest be My lover. Why hast thou forsaken Me and sought a beloved other than Me?"Baha'u'llah

Wow, Augustus now also reads my mind. I have been thinking about inspiration and here comes the doodle cat ready with a profound quote! Alright, so the source of inspiration is right within me! I am freaking out. How come this cat knows so much.

Happy profound Friday to all. Is this the Good Friday?


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time flies no matter what...

I just looked at my poor blog and noticed that I hadn't added anything since March 24th. Obviously I meant it when I said that I am preoccupied. I am still preoccupied but I thought to give myself a nudge today.

I attended a very interesting talk on Sunday at a dear friends' home in Temple City, CA. The speaker, young talented man, spoke about Living the Fulfilled Life, Part II. He had formulated this idea that to live a fulfilled life, what we all want, we would need three things.
First- inspiration
Second- Encouragement
Third- Forgiveness

As he talked I would be thinking to myself that this is what I am always searching- the inspired life. I know I am inspired in general but I am talking that sort of inspiration that leads one to forget oneself. This is what has led to happiness. ALWAYS TRYING SO HARD. Anyhow, with that context, I am sharing with you an excerpt that this young man, Sina, shared with his audience.

'...Meditate on what the poet hath written: “Wonder not, if my Best-Beloved be closer to me than mine own self; wonder at this, that I, despite such nearness, should still be so far from Him.”… Considering what God hath revealed, that “We are closer to man than his life-vein,” the poet hath, in allusion to this verse, stated that, though the revelation of my Best-Beloved hath so permeated my being that He is closer to me than my life-vein, yet, notwithstanding my certitude of its reality and my recognition of my station, I am still so far removed from Him. By this he meaneth that his heart, which is the seat of the All-Merciful and the throne wherein abideth the splendor of His revelation, is forgetful of its Creator, hath strayed from His path, hath shut out itself from His glory, and is stained with the defilement of earthly desires.' Baha'u'llah

AARGH! I think this poet sees a lot. I feel that I hang in this zone a lot.

Well, happy Tuesday to all of my invisible readers.