Thursday, July 26, 2012

Habits of thought

The sky above us is sometimes very jagged but thankfully we are all very brave.
This early morning silence ruled.  Cat boy movements were gentle enough to not move the molecules of nature.  Conversations were of the silent sort.
Only glances were allowed.
At the very moment seen above we were discussing themes of great significance; those habits of thought that formed our reality.

The cat boys appeared very inquisitive, they were asking me hundreds of questions silently but I did not know how to answer them silently!
I told them to focus and they did!
I saw them as a little baby lion and a little baby jaguar, busy discussing amongst themselves!
Was I imagining? Was it too early in the morning?
They assumed new positions
and made little sweet scenery for me.
I did not have any thoughts in my head except for one- the thought of wanting to kiss these babes.

I had to go to work.  The sky above was still jagged but my heart was filled with joy.

We three pondered about this.

A habit of thought prevalent to our Western society is to think of life in terms of events and activities. While events and activities are great and should be remembered yet much of life, our lives at least, happens in between events. It is spent in processes, processes of growth, of learning, of becoming.
For example, I have been noticing that the cat boys are ever becoming lions and jags. This I have to fear, maybe a little bit at least, while I also celebrate with great pride.

Where are you with this? Do you spend your life in conscious processes or in both or in events?  How does each state make you feel?

Mr Lion and Mr Jag sent you pawfuls of kisses and their very best wishes.  They shared with you this.

Ciao everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2012

those habits of thought

We three were discussing those habits of thought that shape our days. If our reality is a reflection of our thoughts then we ought to be concerned about those habits of thought that work their way into our days.

Ollie chose to find some private quarters for reflection on this topic. I did not think that it was such a bad idea.

Augustus followed, the gentle cat boy that he is.
I noticed this web and wondered how much of it could be captured with my simple camera...not bad for a small far technology has come along in such short years.  Cat boys are rather afraid of spiders but they don't mind eating them once in a while!
The cat boys decided on this patch of land, a corner we don't generally visit.
Ollie set out to his investigations of aroma and leaves while Augustus searched for his seating space.
The look on Ollie's face told me that Augustus
had hopped onto the wall!  Good place I thought.
Waiting for his brother to get seated Mr Puffy Pants fell into his own games, I think he forgot about our plans.
Shortly after I too lost my focus especially when I glanced at these gorgeous paws.
Augustus thought that we were all hopeless but moments later he too appeared to be absorbed in some delicious day dreams.

What are your habits of thought?  How do you perceive the world around you?  How do your thoughts change your world around you?  Cat boys plan to think about this a lot.

Cat boys sent pawfuls of kisses and their best wishes for a new week!

Ciao everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trained by two smart cat boys...

My furry trainers have me get out of bed before 5 a.m. This morning when my eyes opened I saw Mr Sweet Pants sitting next to the clock with his paw pointing in the direction of the red digits on the face of the alarm clock...4:55 a.m. Mr Puffy Pants was waiting for cues from his big brother.

I got up all the while thinking how did this all happen, exactly when did they gain the upper paw?

Cat boys set out delighted to be the first inspectors of the now calm courtyard. There was the morning fog, little bird sounds here and there, squirrels rubbing their eyes and getting out of their beds just like me. The land was humans just yet.

Once the terrain appeared to be safe they came for me. I served them snacks while reading to them and took them to new territories. Today we went deep into the back yard, the place only wild animals go. There was a lot of excitement. While they explored I played for them wild bird songs on my iphone.

Look at them look at me! Hee hee, they are wondering how I am making such incredible sounds.

Mr Sweet Pants gave a side look to

Mr Puffy Pants!  They exchanged glances that meant something to them.

Back from that quick excursion they took a little breather to hear what was on the reading list!

I only shared with them one thing, and one thing alone:

"Human reality is bounded by the limits set in the mind.:- (Creating a New Mind-Paul Lample)

We set back towards the condo when we encountered one of our sassy squirrels!

Ollie who has removed all barriers of the mind did not waste time to ask why, how, when and what.  He went straight for the squirrel wasting no time...

Nothing like a good morning chase...

Cat boys made you kisses and prayed that a squirrel appears on your path today to focus your mental energies!

Ciao everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A short week that seemed so long

has neared its end. We three sighed with happiness.

I rewarded us last weekend with a pot of planted flowers to celebrate the completion of the major construction work in our complex.  We were so thrilled that we did not terribly mind our two next door neighbors starting a remodeling of their units.

The plant is still alive now a week later and we are thrilled.

This is a good time to show off this plant too, an old timer, many many many years old that I almost killed and brought back to life.

This is the new decor, assorted plants that we grow in order to see what works and what does not.

Below is the pot of oat grass that the cat dudes like.  Fresh salad for our boys.

We set out towards the back yard, the three of us, allowing the patches of light to fall on us and trying to escape the shadows.

Here's Mr Puffy Pants, the little orange I call him; I like to squeeze him and he likes to bite me.

Here is Mr Sweet Pants, fussy pants I call him; I like to kiss him and he likes to foof me.

In the back yard one gaze was

met by another gaze

and then a third.

We recommended to the squirrel man to take a hike because cat boys were in good form and ready to run.

We watched the sun through the branches and leaves...the stretching rays and shadows and we reflected upon this old favorite:

O MY BROTHER! Hearken to the delightsome words of My honeyed tongue, and quaff the stream of mystic holiness from My sugar-shedding lips. Sow the seeds of My34 divine wisdom in the pure soil of thy heart, and water them with the water of certitude, that the hyacinths of My knowledge and wisdom may spring up fresh and green in the sacred city of thy heart.  (Hidden Words)

Cat boys made you many kisses to wish you a happy weekend.

Ciao everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"trees luxurious and the sunlight playing in their midst"

We three were enjoying the playful rays of sun that afternoon,
the kind of sun that inspired the orange man to groom himself and to do yoga,
and prepared Mr Sweet Pants for
heavenly reflections.

MrSweetPants asked me to read him this poem that he had read on a different website, and so I did:

If you are happy, I will give you an apple,
if you are anxious, I will twist your arm,
and if you permit me, I will be glad to hold you
close to my heart forever and do you no harm.

If I am happy, will you give me an apple?
If I am anxious, you may twist my arm.
And if you would like to, I would like you to hold me
close to your heart forever and do me no harm.

This is a bargain, only two can make it.
This is a covenant offered with desperate calm,
it being uncertain that lovers can drive out demons
with the gift of an apple or the twist of an arm.  (Covenant, Tennessee Williams)

The orange man licked his lips
and gave me the 'I have plans for you look'!
Thankfully he fell into the pile of catnip and I was spared.
MrSweetPants was still meditating!

We promise to hold close to our hearts...

Catboys sent their warmest wishes and juiciest kisses ever!