Monday, July 23, 2012

those habits of thought

We three were discussing those habits of thought that shape our days. If our reality is a reflection of our thoughts then we ought to be concerned about those habits of thought that work their way into our days.

Ollie chose to find some private quarters for reflection on this topic. I did not think that it was such a bad idea.

Augustus followed, the gentle cat boy that he is.
I noticed this web and wondered how much of it could be captured with my simple camera...not bad for a small far technology has come along in such short years.  Cat boys are rather afraid of spiders but they don't mind eating them once in a while!
The cat boys decided on this patch of land, a corner we don't generally visit.
Ollie set out to his investigations of aroma and leaves while Augustus searched for his seating space.
The look on Ollie's face told me that Augustus
had hopped onto the wall!  Good place I thought.
Waiting for his brother to get seated Mr Puffy Pants fell into his own games, I think he forgot about our plans.
Shortly after I too lost my focus especially when I glanced at these gorgeous paws.
Augustus thought that we were all hopeless but moments later he too appeared to be absorbed in some delicious day dreams.

What are your habits of thought?  How do you perceive the world around you?  How do your thoughts change your world around you?  Cat boys plan to think about this a lot.

Cat boys sent pawfuls of kisses and their best wishes for a new week!

Ciao everyone!


  1. I believe we could and should learn from our cats. Relax more, be curious when we need to and ignore what doesn't seem important. Your cat boys seemed to have a very nice day And I do make every attempt to better my existence by controlling my thoughts. Weeding out the negativity is a must!
    Thanks for a very nice post!

  2. funny you should ask: i was just thinking about this subject.

    when i think kinder gentler thoughts about the people around me, it seems our interactions are kinder and gentler.


  3. Sanda- I agree wholeheartedly, there is so much to learn from them. Weeding out negativity would have to top the list. I am compiling a list. WIshing you a beautiful day!

    marie- isn't that incredible? You bring up another good one, not to see with high contrast... xx

  4. You are making big questions. I am pondering on what to answer, and agree with Sanda, only include more animals on the scene.
    But I think that it is important to allow the negativity creep in your mind too. It is good to study where it came from, rip it to pieces, and once you have figured it out, let go of it.
    Hugs your way..

  5. Such wise pair of friends you have; yes, I too believe that positive thoughts add to a gentler world. Like rings on the water. Don't know how far those rings stretch but at any rate, it feels a lot better than adding to all the negativity already floating around out there! Not that a good nag once in a while can't be very satisfying! ;)

  6. That is such a good post especially since Mahoney's little world has changed over the past few days. But she is learning to deal with her new problem and is doing all right. It is just amazing how animals adjust to different things. Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts for her.

  7. those Cat-Dogs of yours sure are bright and reflected; they must have received extra tributaries in their brain upon being birthed

  8. I believe a lot in the power of positive thought... that is what I try and practise and I believe if we surround ourselves with that our lives are infinitely greater... xv

  9. Those exploring, inquisitive kitties!

    I've been thinking lately about my negative thought panic starts as a response to an unpleasant thought (and churns against the thought). I think it's important to accept these thoughts without pushing them away with's hard to do that, for me, but good to be aware of it.