Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It was an ordinary day!

The skies were blue,

the overly trimmed coral tree was showing signs of new life,

we were having discourses of spiritual significance and looking for trouble at the same time.

Here's Ollie waiting in his rose garden hiding spot,

and here's Augustus discussing something with Thomas the cat by telepathy!

It did not take very long for TROUBLE to arrive,

we think he is carrying a nut under his arm!

Mr Puffy Pants is ready to play...

Look at him go...

Oh oh... better watch out for the squirrel...

At this time Gussy thinks that he should perhaps take a close up look at the situation...

He looks at me,

and then Puffy Pants looks at me, so proud!
This is just way too entertaining
maybe we can hope for another chase
or maybe we should let him go!
Let him go?
What a day, what a day! Augustus
and Ollie were both pleased.
So we read:

"Know that the blessings of the Kingdom ...are not dependent upon the capacity and the worthiness of any one; the blessings themselves are the worthiness. As the action itself, when it reaches the thing acted upon, makes that thing the action, -- so the blessings themselves then become identical with worthiness. In like manner, when the action itself descends upon the recipient, the recipient becomes the action. For example, when an object becomes broken, the action becomes realized in it. Under such circumstances, the recipient and that which is received -- or capacity and blessings -- are one. Therefore the blessings of the Kingdom ... are not enchained by any fetters. The Kingdom gives the drop the influence of the sea, and the mote that of the sun. "Promulgation of Universal Peace

The cat boys felt especially energized and soothed at the same time. All this action and meditation felt good to them. They filled their paws with as many kisses as they could muster up and blew them in the air for all. They wished all a lovely September of 2010.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Cat boys wanted to make sure

that their best wishes and kisses reached Kelly today. Certainly, I said.

Joining Allison and Janey Sauce to send good vibes to Kelly!

We filled our paws with kitty smooches and sent them up north!

: )

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

Mr Puffy Pants is ready to roll!
Augustus said that he will close his eyes and when he opens them it better be the weekend.

"Nah, not yet!"
We had to read ON THE EXCELLENCE OF CONTENTMENT from the Gulistan of Saadi:

"Story 1
A Maghrabi supplicant said in Aleppo in the row of linen-drapers:
'Lords of wealth, if you were just and we contented, the trade of
begging would vanish from the world.'

O contentment, make me rich
For besides thee no other wealth exists.
Loqman selected the corner of patience.
Who has no patience has no wisdom."

After this reading doodles agreed that they would be content and wait gracefully like gentlecats. They filled their paws with kisses that were blown in the air for your day.

Have a lovely Friday! Ciao!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sass Kats choosing crafts?

Augustus grabbing a set of keys to go for a joy ride

expressed himself this way when I told him that he grabbed the wrong keys..."Huhh! I am laughing!" he said.

Ollie pretending to be a counselor, assuming the listening pose,

burst into laughter upon hearing what I said!

I say these boys are sassy somedays...but even then they get together to read

"One of the names of God is the Fashioner. He loveth craftsmanship. Therefore any of His servants who manifesteth this attribute is acceptable in the sight of this Wronged One. Craftsmanship is a book among the books of divine sciences, and a treasure among the treasures of His heavenly wisdom."(compilation on arts and crafts)

Ollie decided that he wanted to be a chef while Augustus prefers to be a detective and is not interested in crafts! We will discuss this later when we have more time.

The boys filled their paws with kisses and blew them all in the air ...Have a great week everyone!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Arc, circle, what are you telling me?

We were sitting in the courtyard, yesterday, early morning or afternoon, I do not recall. I noticed a new feline arrangement and after moments of keen perception I understood that kitty masters wanted a profound reading on the topic of arcs of ascent and descent!

Breathless with pride though I was, I did not let them know, and quickly grabbed the first thing I found on this topic. Here it is. After reading you will again understand why we are in a constant state of awe and intrigue with these boys.

"The Theosophists believe that man on the arc of ascent will return many times until he reaches the Supreme Center; in that condition matter becomes a clear mirror, the light of the spirit will shine upon it with its full power, and essential perfection will be acquired. Now, this is an established and deep theological proposition, that the material worlds are terminated at the end of the arc of descent, and that the condition of man is at the end of the arc of descent, and at the beginning of the arc of ascent, which is opposite to the Supreme Center. ...The arc of descent is called beginning, and that of ascent is called progress. The arc of descent ends in materialities, and the arc of ascent ends in spiritualities. The point of the compass in describing a circle makes no retrograde motion, for this would be contrary to the natural movement and the divine order; otherwise, the symmetry of the circle would be spoiled.

Moreover, this material world has not such value or such excellence that man, after having escaped from this cage, will desire a second time to fall into this snare. No, through the Eternal Bounty the worth and true ability of man becomes apparent and visible by traversing the degrees of existence, and not by returning. When the shell is once opened, it will be apparent and evident whether it contains a pearl or worthless matter. When once the plant has grown it will bring forth either thorns or flowers; there is no need for it to grow up again. Besides, advancing and moving in the worlds in a direct order according to the natural law is the cause of existence, and a movement contrary to the system and law of nature is the cause of nonexistence. The return of the soul after death is contrary to the natural movement, and opposed to the divine system.

...the spirit is an incorporeal being, and does not enter and come forth, but is only connected with the body as the sun is with the mirror. If it were thus, and the spirit by returning to this material world could pass through the degrees and attain to essential perfection, it would be better if God prolonged the life of the spirit in the material world until it had acquired perfections and graces; it then would not be necessary for it to taste of the cup of death, or to acquire a second life.

The idea that existence is restricted to this perishable world, and the denial of the existence of divine worlds, originally proceeded from the imaginations of certain believers in reincarnation; but the divine worlds are infinite. If the divine worlds culminated in this material world, creation would be futile: nay, existence would be pure child's play..."

(Some Answered Questions)

After the reading cat boys looked at me deeply, or with some other emotion, and told me that they would be sending you pawfuls of kisses and best wishes. Enjoy!

Until next visit...Meow! Ciao!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What happens in our household while we are away....

Here's Augustus...

and here's Ollie!

They also read together,

and meditate!

"...whosoever engageth in a craft, should endeavour to acquire in it utmost proficiency. Should he do so, that craft becometh a form of worship."
Star of the West

Cat boys do not engage in crafts yet; however, they do enjoys crafts, especially those from Robyn who runs a mouse factory!

Wishing all a lovely evening and pawfuls of cat kisses!