Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sass Kats choosing crafts?

Augustus grabbing a set of keys to go for a joy ride

expressed himself this way when I told him that he grabbed the wrong keys..."Huhh! I am laughing!" he said.

Ollie pretending to be a counselor, assuming the listening pose,

burst into laughter upon hearing what I said!

I say these boys are sassy somedays...but even then they get together to read

"One of the names of God is the Fashioner. He loveth craftsmanship. Therefore any of His servants who manifesteth this attribute is acceptable in the sight of this Wronged One. Craftsmanship is a book among the books of divine sciences, and a treasure among the treasures of His heavenly wisdom."(compilation on arts and crafts)

Ollie decided that he wanted to be a chef while Augustus prefers to be a detective and is not interested in crafts! We will discuss this later when we have more time.

The boys filled their paws with kisses and blew them all in the air ...Have a great week everyone!



  1. I am busy catching my air kisses! Agustus looks mischievous like he is pondering how he can get in trouble. Ollie on the other hand is looking at him like he is an idiot clouded by youth and stupidity! haha I love cats!

    PS I have to email photos of my kids! My tabby is just like Augustus...

  2. Amanda, you understand cat language even better than I do... : ) Do email me photos of your babes, I will show them to our sassy cats! xo

  3. Cat hands are my favorite things! I love the crossed arms...oh-so-professorial...:)

  4. Hannah...I love cat hands, feet, OMG, noses, and whiskers not to mention eyes; however, I do admit that Ollie does a good psychologist pose! : )

  5. I see Ollie as a detective...are you sure he said chef? :)

  6. Love the pic of Augustus with his tongue out - hilarious. xx

  7. Well I bet they're excellent at cat's cradle which "is" a prerequisite to crochet.

    I can see a craft future here.

    xo, Ro