Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where time dimension does not exist the linear order of events do not matter...

this is what I am telling myself and I told the cat boys as we sat down to choose the images for this post.

Life is busy and the only way to post a message from the boys is to take the picture and do it.  Pictures that pile up in my iphone will probably stay there for my personal delight.

This early morning I woke up to two different wake up calls.  Blondie (aka Gingerella, or Mr Puffy Pants, or Ollie) was using the entire repertoire: big meows, little meows, sighs of desperation, OMG I am trapped...etc.  I had the giggles but was doing so silently.  Augustus the Sweet Pants was at my side trying to remove the sheets.  I gave in.  5:15a.m.

When I set out to do the rounds with them, first up and down the street in the dark, and later in the complex, I noticed that Ollie had become comfortable with the pile of mess and was exploring it.
Augustus was more cautious and was storing each scent in his memory bank..a very careful examiner.
He became alarmed when the dirt pile moved ( I think a bird sat on it)
and so began to examine the pile.  This of course
worried Blondie who took shelter immediately.
We went to the back parlor where squirrels were flying about today because I had put out for them a plate of almonds instead of the usual sunflower seeds.  We three were watching them with keen interest as they sped around the grounds.
These two precious ones make beautiful scenery...
quietly musical...
...silently observant.
As I walked back to get ready for work I noticed the skies above...
and the white roses.

Cat boys meditated on this today when the focus of their reflections was consciousness, being here now.

O SON OF WORLDLINESS! Pleasant is the realm of being, wert thou to attain thereto; glorious is the domain of eternity, shouldst thou pass beyond the world of mortality; sweet is the holy ecstasy if thou drinkest of the mystic chalice from the hands of the celestial Youth. Shouldst thou attain this station, thou wouldst be freed from destruction and death, from toil and sin.  (The Hidden Words)

Then they both meowed OM in unison to wish you a beautiful day.

Ciao everyone!

Friday, August 9, 2013

hunter thighs and legs

We wish we could share tales of grand excursions to the Serengeti, of accompanying big ferocious animals, of courage and chivalry, of great scientific discoveries, and so on.

Sadly, all we can share is a pile of mess.  One side of this white complex is dug up for repairs that are not approved by cat boys.
Nope, Augustus does not like this mess
and neither does Ollie.

But let's focus on these gorgeous thighs...
that I had photographed days ago.

Magnificent Hunter Thighs that I like to kiss and tickle.

Mr Sweet Pants

Mr Puffy Pants

And so this morning after going through the mess of the courtyard, and thankfully not remembering last year's projects that tore up other parts of the white complex, we went to the back garden of many delights where certain birds were awaiting their hunters.

Gussy looked up and sang a few come hither notes.
Ollie looked too wishing to attract them with his supernatural beauty.

The birds were not about to land while those hunter legs and thighs were sitting around warming up for a chase.
The day was beautiful.
Mr Sweet Pants did not mind waiting.
Neither did Mr Puffy Pants.

“Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder 'why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand.” 
― Kurt VonnegutCat's Cradle

Cat boys sent you love and pawfuls of kisses.  Ciao everyone!