Sunday, November 29, 2009

Under the Super Blue Skies,

breathing the clean fresh air

Ollie and I set out to venture in the courtyard!

We agreed that he would sniff and I would take the pictures.

A bird felt it was safe to fly right by us,
and hop from perch to perch to try to get Ollie's attention,
but he did not seem to be interested.
He also threw a lazy glance at
the pesky squirrel who indeed had outgrown his britches! I said you better be careful little beast, no one knows what stirs under this calm exterior!
Uninterested at that moment,
Ollie turned his back to the squirrel too, and walked away.

Sometimes he is very pensive, and that really confuses me. So we read together this...

When we ponder over the reality of the microcosm, we discover that in the microcosm there are deposited three realities. Man is endowed with an outer or physical reality. It belongs to the material realm, the animal kingdom, because it has sprung from the material world. This animalistic reality of man he shares in common with the animals.The human body is like animals subject to nature’s laws.

But man is endowed with a second reality, the rational or intellectual reality; and the intellectual reality of man predominates over nature. All these sciences which we enjoy were the hidden and recondite secrets of nature, unknowable to nature, but man was enabled to discover these mysteries, and out of the plane of the unseen he brought them into the plane of the seen.

Yet there is a third reality in man, the spiritual reality. Through its medium one discovers spiritual revelations, a celestial faculty which is infinite as regards the intellectual as well as physical realms. That power is conferred upon man through the breath of the Holy Spirit. It is an eternal reality, an indestructible reality, a reality belonging to the divine, supernatural kingdom; a reality whereby the world is illumined, a reality which grants unto man eternal life. This third, spiritual reality it is which discovers past events and looks along the vistas of the future. It is the ray of the Sun of Reality. The spiritual world is enlightened through it, the whole of the Kingdom is being illumined by it. It enjoys the world of beatitude, a world which had not beginning and which shall have no end.
That celestial reality, the third reality of the microcosm, delivers man from the material world. Its power causes man to escape from nature’s world. Escaping, he will find an illuminating reality, transcending the limited reality of man and causing him to attain to the infinitude of God, abstracting him from the world of superstitions and imaginations, and submerging him in the sea of the rays of the Sun of Reality.
(Foundations of World Unity)

I then noted that Augustus had found the reading most interesting too and was listening from behind the bushes!

Cat boys hope that everyone caught a good turkey and had a delightful feast, and they send little kisses for your new week!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We talked about thanksgiving

under this palm tree,

it seemed like the right moment, the doodle boys wanted to know what all the hoopla was about!

We read this:

In these times thanksgiving for the bounty of the Merciful One consists in the illumination of the heart and the feeling of the soul.
This is the reality of thanksgiving. But, although offering thanks through speech or writings is approvable, yet, in comparison with that, it is but unreal, for the foundation is spiritual feelings and merciful sentiments. 

Augustus was content and spent many moments pondering about this...

He is very focused,

Getting distracted,

more distracted,

not so sure!

Ollie ran home to do some readings. He said he knows that there is a turkey involved and he was not sure if the turkey should be pardoned!!!

Who do you think is our little pilgrim and who is the Indian?

We all wish you illuminated hearts during this thanksgiving and pawfuls of cat kisses throughout your day!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes united..other times Not...


and Nice

would occasionally unite

to admire

this little dude..."Sigh", they meowed in unison, "he is so pretty!"

We managed to squeeze in a little reading on the important theme of UNITY. The cat boys were pleased.

"Unity is not, that is, merely a condition resulting from a sense of mutual goodwill and common purpose, however profound and sincerely held such sentiments may be, any more than an organism is a product of some fortuitous and amorphous association of various elements.
Unity is a phenomenon of creative power, whose existence becomes apparent through the effects that collective action produces and whose absence is betrayed by the impotence of such efforts. However handicapped it often has been by ignorance and perversity, this force has been the primary influence driving the advancement of civilization, generating legal codes, social and political institutions, artistic works, technological achievements without end, moral breakthroughs, material prosperity, and long periods of public peace whose afterglow lived in the memories of subsequent generations as imagined "golden ages". ...
(Century of Light)

The doodles wish all unity in all endeavours and send eveyone pawfuls of kisses to start off this Monday morning...


Friday, November 20, 2009

My two cents' worth...

Last night after work, this kitty mom went to the Pasadena Northwest Community Planning session, which is an attempt to address issues of inequity in the northwest part of Pasadena. Having volunteered to work at one highschool in that area, she felt she had to put in her two cents' worth.

I said Augusutus, "I think I should go to this meeting", and he said, "sure, I will come too".

I told Olllie, 'what about you?'

He said, "I will come if there are treats."

So, they both started following me when I remembered that felines were probably not allowed.
I told them that I would summarize the meeting proceedings for them later at night.
And they quickly went about their own business, 

which was bird watching for Augustus

and something secret for Ollie.  He was out of sight.

We read this at night:

"For unity to exist among human beings—at even the simplest level—two fundamental conditions must pertain. Those involved must first of all be in some agreement about the nature of reality as it affects their relationships with one another and with the phenomenal world. They must, secondly, give assent to some recognized and authoritative means by which decisions will be taken that affect their association with one another and that determine their collective goals."  (Century of Light)

Boys send everyone pawfuls of kisses and best wishes for a splendid weekend...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vamos a estar bueno(s)...

Our little doodles were not in accord this morning because a certain red-furred kitty who shall remain unnamed could not control his emotions, so he was put in bathroom solitaire for 15 minutes while this kitty mom tried to calm down the other babe, and all this commotion occurred after their early morning outing.

A few shots of baby Augustus after Ollie was put in solitaire...the way chubser throws himself on Augustus is quite annoying and much love has to be dispensed to soothe Augustus back to normal!

I may have succeeded...he is trying to forget the incident!

Released from solitaire Ollie is listening to me telling him how I don't have any problems leaving him in the bathroom. Is he listening?

He promises to be in better control of his feelings, perhaps even to try to love his older brother,

and then resumes his seat on our bed.

Whew, what a morning!

As I was driving to work I suddenly thought, 'Vamos a estar bueno(s)', which means we are going to be alright. This phrase popped into my head from watching a spanish novela (soap opera) with my Venezuelan neighbors last night. Don't judge me though, I had already had a full day at work and had spent the first part of the evening attending a friend's graduation from the Pasadena Neighborhood Leadership Institute. I was tired and really enjoyed the novela except that I did not understand much of anything except this phrase "vamos a estar buenos"! Then I went home and listened to this. Enjoy!

I hope todos van a estar muy buenos for everyone even if sometimes things seem to be unraveling. And lovely cat kisses throughout the day.


PS-By the way, we will resume reading soon

Monday, November 16, 2009

Killing me softly...

Two little kitties stole our hearts: Augustus, with this look,

and Ollie with these looks...

And since this was not a day for discourse, we just listened to this.

A beautiful Tuesday to all loaded with kitty purrs and kisses,


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I thank the nfl...

for entertaining this tired kitty mom! For peculiar reasons I was really enjoying watching the Patriots/Colts games last night. The colorful and energetic players running up and down the field and bouncing around made me feel less tired. I was hooked. Doodles, aka Don Augustus y Don Ollie, who had spent muchos horas en aire libre todos el dia were still out. I had one thought in my to get them in.
My Sunday started at 5 a.m., letting the two gatos out the door. After a nice early morning walk in semi-dark I accompanied the doodles around. We walked about, checked out this and that, chatted, stared at each other. Here are some exciting shots taken with my iphone.

The birds behind the wall are interesting. The boys look this way

and that way.

Then we gather around the pow-wow tree. We did take turns scratching the tree, myself included.

Don Ollie went for a sip of agua

while Don Augustus obliged and posed for a photo.

The boys later shared with me their vision of the future...

"...-a world organically unified in all the essential aspects of its life, its political machinery, its spiritual aspirations, its trade and finance, its script and language, and yet infinite in the diversity of the national characteristics of its federated units."(Shoghi Effendi)

Hmm! I thought. You two have a lot of big thoughts in your heads. They meowed nodding their heads up and down.

The dudes are sending thoughts of peace and unity to everyone and many loving kisses too.