Sunday, November 15, 2009

I thank the nfl...

for entertaining this tired kitty mom! For peculiar reasons I was really enjoying watching the Patriots/Colts games last night. The colorful and energetic players running up and down the field and bouncing around made me feel less tired. I was hooked. Doodles, aka Don Augustus y Don Ollie, who had spent muchos horas en aire libre todos el dia were still out. I had one thought in my to get them in.
My Sunday started at 5 a.m., letting the two gatos out the door. After a nice early morning walk in semi-dark I accompanied the doodles around. We walked about, checked out this and that, chatted, stared at each other. Here are some exciting shots taken with my iphone.

The birds behind the wall are interesting. The boys look this way

and that way.

Then we gather around the pow-wow tree. We did take turns scratching the tree, myself included.

Don Ollie went for a sip of agua

while Don Augustus obliged and posed for a photo.

The boys later shared with me their vision of the future...

"...-a world organically unified in all the essential aspects of its life, its political machinery, its spiritual aspirations, its trade and finance, its script and language, and yet infinite in the diversity of the national characteristics of its federated units."(Shoghi Effendi)

Hmm! I thought. You two have a lot of big thoughts in your heads. They meowed nodding their heads up and down.

The dudes are sending thoughts of peace and unity to everyone and many loving kisses too.



  1. what football teams do the cat boys root for?

  2. : ) Naturally, in the NFL, they root for the Broncos but they were mesmerized by the Patriots and the Colts. In college games, they root for the CornHuskers followed by the Colorado State Rams. Who knows why?

  3. LOVE this little post.
    Wish I would have watched a bit of Patriots and Broncos last night:)

  4. My mental vibes must have reached you Miss Plume...I was carrying my card around and writing to you in my head. Sweet dreams...