Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vamos a estar bueno(s)...

Our little doodles were not in accord this morning because a certain red-furred kitty who shall remain unnamed could not control his emotions, so he was put in bathroom solitaire for 15 minutes while this kitty mom tried to calm down the other babe, and all this commotion occurred after their early morning outing.

A few shots of baby Augustus after Ollie was put in solitaire...the way chubser throws himself on Augustus is quite annoying and much love has to be dispensed to soothe Augustus back to normal!

I may have succeeded...he is trying to forget the incident!

Released from solitaire Ollie is listening to me telling him how I don't have any problems leaving him in the bathroom. Is he listening?

He promises to be in better control of his feelings, perhaps even to try to love his older brother,

and then resumes his seat on our bed.

Whew, what a morning!

As I was driving to work I suddenly thought, 'Vamos a estar bueno(s)', which means we are going to be alright. This phrase popped into my head from watching a spanish novela (soap opera) with my Venezuelan neighbors last night. Don't judge me though, I had already had a full day at work and had spent the first part of the evening attending a friend's graduation from the Pasadena Neighborhood Leadership Institute. I was tired and really enjoyed the novela except that I did not understand much of anything except this phrase "vamos a estar buenos"! Then I went home and listened to this. Enjoy!

I hope todos van a estar muy buenos for everyone even if sometimes things seem to be unraveling. And lovely cat kisses throughout the day.


PS-By the way, we will resume reading soon


  1. tell ollie that dada is observing his behavior from afar and wants him to behave. give both boys a kiss for me!

  2. That Ollie is a little rascal, yet so cute! Thanks for the sweet comment. xo