Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We talked about thanksgiving

under this palm tree,

it seemed like the right moment, the doodle boys wanted to know what all the hoopla was about!

We read this:

In these times thanksgiving for the bounty of the Merciful One consists in the illumination of the heart and the feeling of the soul.
This is the reality of thanksgiving. But, although offering thanks through speech or writings is approvable, yet, in comparison with that, it is but unreal, for the foundation is spiritual feelings and merciful sentiments. 

Augustus was content and spent many moments pondering about this...

He is very focused,

Getting distracted,

more distracted,

not so sure!

Ollie ran home to do some readings. He said he knows that there is a turkey involved and he was not sure if the turkey should be pardoned!!!

Who do you think is our little pilgrim and who is the Indian?

We all wish you illuminated hearts during this thanksgiving and pawfuls of cat kisses throughout your day!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Doodle Boys.

    Are you the Indian? It is the dancing and the sagesse that has me thinking so.

  2. the Doodle boys seem so wise , at least for a moment or two, Have a wonderful holiday ; ) Laura

  3. Actually, Ollie, aka Chief Puffy Pants is the Indian, and yes, they have me confused too..I think it has to do with their short attention span.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both...

  4. I agree...he slays me with his looks. : )