Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's about time that they studied equilibria!

I thought that for a change I should introduce the cat boys to some chemistry, tell them about those molecules and ions and reactions that occur everywhere. So I started sharing a bit on equilibria and the energetics thereof, the most fundamental of fundamentals, the everyday processes taking place in our bodies!
I explained that simply stated equlibria referred to differences in energy between the ground states joined by an activation barrier, and that there were rates associated with these equilibria. Not bad, is it?

I looked at Ollie and noticed the Vulcan ears, which means that he has no idea what I am saying

or perhaps he is trying to listen to Gussy who was sitting behind him hoping he would say something. August though was absorbed in his own world and was having a good time when

Ollie who could no longer take it walked over to him and whispermeowed in his ear...must be something naughty I am sure!

I felt this was a good intro for the cat boys; however, they craved their reflective readings and so we read:

"...From the fellowship and commingling of the elemental atoms life results. In their harmony and blending there is ever newness of existence. It is radiance, completeness; it is consummation; it is life itself. Just now the physical energies and natural forces which come under our immediate observation are all at peace. The sun is at peace with the earth upon which it shines. The soft breathing winds are at peace with the trees. All the elements are in harmony and equilibrium. A slight disturbance and discord among them might bring another San Francisco earthquake and fire. A physical clash, a little quarreling among the elements as it were, and a violent cataclysm of nature results. This happens in the mineral kingdom. Consider, then, the effect of discord and conflict in the kingdom of man, so superior to the realm of inanimate existence. How great the attendant catastrophe, ..." (promulgation of universal peace)

Boys prayed for elemental and fundamental harmony, love and peace, and sent off pawfuls of kitty kisses!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

On this beautiful Sunday morning los gatos and I

stood and stared! We were in the present but unable to act!
Here's Ollie giving the up-down look to Mr Squirrel...

and the squirrel who is giving the up-down look to Ollie!

And Ollie again...easy focus!

And Mademoiselle Dove taking a sideway peek...

And Ollie again pondering what action would be most suited...
And little Augustus simply being there in the moment!
Well...the only thought that came to me was of peace and blessings and why was it that none of us was able to do something! We ran home and read this:

"Know that the blessings... are not dependent upon the capacity and the worthiness of any one; the blessings themselves are the worthiness. As the action itself, when it reaches the thing acted upon, makes that thing the action, -- so the blessings themselves then become identical with worthiness. In like manner, when the action itself descends upon the recipient, the recipient becomes the action. For example, when an object becomes broken, the action becomes realized in it. Under such circumstances, the recipient and that which is received -- or capacity and blessings -- are one. Therefore the blessings ... are not enchained by any fetters..." Promulgation of Universal Peace

Wishing all a beautiful Monday and when those kitty kisses leave this post, they will have already become action!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

When I called for reading and reflection

Ollie closed his eyes and went OMMMM....

August who saw right through him stuck out his tongue! He is very sharp this cat boy and does not fall for Ollie theatre!

I knew I did not have to say much because as soon as we start reading they get into proper reading form!

We read this:

For those who deny spiritual influence upon material things we mention this brief example: wonderful sounds and tones, melodies and charming voices, are accidents which affect the air—for sound is the term for vibrations of the air—and by these vibrations the nerves of the tympanum of the ear are affected, and hearing results. Now reflect that the vibration of the air, which is an accident of no importance, attracts and exhilarates the spirit of man and has great effect upon him: it makes him weep or laugh; perhaps it will influence him to such a degree that he will throw himself into danger. Therefore, see the connection which exists between the spirit of man and the atmospheric vibration, so that the movement of the air becomes the cause of transporting him from one state to another, and of entirely overpowering him; it will deprive him of patience and tranquillity. Consider how strange this is, for nothing comes forth from the singer which enters into the listener; nevertheless, a great spiritual effect is produced. Therefore, surely so great a connection between beings must have spiritual effect and influence.

It has been mentioned that the members and parts of man affect and influence one another. For example, the eye sees; the heart is affected. The ear hears; and the spirit is influenced. The heart is at rest; the thoughts become serene, and for all the members of man’s body a pleasant condition is realized. What a connection and what an agreement is this! Since this connection, this spiritual effect and this influence, exists between the members of the body of man, who is only one of many finite beings, certainly between these universal and infinite beings there will also be a spiritual and material connection. Although by existing rules and actual science these connections cannot be discovered, nevertheless, their existence between all beings is certain and absolute.

To conclude: the beings, whether great or small, are connected with one another by the perfect wisdom of God, and affect and influence one another. If it were not so, in the universal system and the general arrangement of existence, there would be disorder and imperfection. But as beings are connected one with another with the greatest strength, they are in order in their places and perfect. This subject is worthy of examination.

The little dudes told me that they wished to examine this theory with some fluffy birds but I saw right through their plots!

We wish all a lovely Friday and a weekend of connectedness! Many little kitty kisses were also blown off into the air!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

At their very own request

I share with you Augustus

and Ollie as they prepared to go out

to celebrate the astronomical vernal equinox which was first celebrated by the ancient Zoroastrians. I know, I know, I am as confused as you are; however, cat boys observe a lot of days of feline and human relevance!

Thank you whiskerkisses for getting their bow ties ready for this celebration...they were meowing me crazy!

We celebrated with abrazos, love and little kisses, in addition to catnip and kitty treats; we reflected upon our realities, our hopes and aspirations, and recommitted ourselves to the betterment of our world. We read:

At the time of the vernal equinox in the material world a wonderful vibrant energy and new life-quickening is observed everywhere in the vegetable kingdom; the animal and human kingdoms are resuscitated and move forward with a new impulse. The whole world is born anew, resurrected. Gentle zephyrs are set in motion, wafting and fragrant; flowers bloom; the trees are in blossom, the air temperate and delightful; how pleasant and beautiful become the mountains, fields and meadows. Likewise, the spiritual bounty and springtime of God quicken the world of humanity with a new animus and vivification. All the virtues which have been deposited and potential in human hearts are being revealed from that Reality as flowers and blossoms from divine gardens. It is a day of joy, a time of happiness, a period of spiritual growth...May you become as growing plants. May the trees of your hearts bring forth new leaves and variegated blossoms. May ideal fruits appear from them in order that the world of humanity, which has grown and developed in material civilization, may be quickened in the bringing forth of spiritual ideals...Promulgation of Universal Peace

Cat boys send pawfuls of kisses and heart loads of love!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurly Burly in Southern CAL?

At 4:04 Tuesday morning a sizeable jolt shook our condo (PicoRivera epicenter). I jumped out of bed and got immediately dressed while looking around in the dark to locate the orange doodle and the state of things.
Sylvester did not really wake up and continued with suave (soft) snores!
Ollie cat skooted under and into our bed (he has a private home in there)!
And August, well, I had no idea, he stays in his own habitacion!

After the wave passed through I waited around for a while expecting something else to happen and it did not ... I told the snoring Sylvester that I thought it was a point 6 earthquake...it actually was 4.4, which means I was only off by X10 x10 x10 x10...Ayeee!

As I lay back into bed I thought- now I know how my roommates, furry, furry and not, are likely to react in an earthquake! I better train, mentally and actually!

I told the cat boys later that early morning about the hurly burly and the Richter scale!
Ollie had a spell, meowed to me that the shake knocked him off his feet (nope, he went inside our bed).

August lanced a 'Don't you believe a word he says look' at me!

Ollie insisted that he was knocked off upside down

but he soon forgot why he was there and kept rolling around-he seemed to like doing that!

August demonstrated what he would do if he were next to a tree

and naturally i felt very proud even though I'd prefer him staying near to me in times of danger!

We did not quite know what to do so Ollie suggested we discuss 'zero point energy' versus 'spiritual energies'. Baffled as I was, I did not let him know that, and told him that it indeed was a good comparison.

Just as in empty spaces there are all kinds of particles, alpha particles and neutrinos and cosmic rays, and more, so are there spiritual energies infused into our entire universe...totally invisible and perhaps irrational, but still there! These energies (this spirit) are cohesive, attractive, animating, mobilizing, motivational...it (this spirit) is "an unseen Reality that embraceth all things, and that existeth and revealeth itself in stages, the essence whereof is beyond the grasp of the mind." (Promulgation of Universal Peace)

We read more on this very interesting topic.

"...Reflect that man's power of thought consists of two kinds. One kind is true, when it agrees with a determined truth. Such conceptions find realization in the exterior world; such are accurate opinions, correct theories, scientific discoveries and inventions. The other kind of conceptions is made up of vain thoughts and useless ideas which yield neither fruit nor result, and which have no reality. No, they surge like the waves of the sea of imaginations, and they pass away like idle dreams.

In the same way, there are two sorts of spiritual discoveries. One is the revelations of the Prophets, and the spiritual discoveries of the elect. The visions of the Prophets are not dreams; no, they are spiritual discoveries and have reality. They say, for example, "I saw a person in a certain form, and I said such a thing, and he gave such an answer." This vision is in the world of wakefulness, and not in that of sleep. Nay, it is a spiritual discovery which is expressed as if it were the appearance of a vision.

The other kind of spiritual discoveries is made up of pure imaginations, but these imaginations become embodied in such a way that many simple-hearted people believe that they have a reality. That which proves it clearly is that from this controlling of spirits no result or fruit has ever been produced. No, they are but narratives and stories.

Know that the reality of man embraces the realities of things, and discovers the verities, properties and secrets of things. So all these arts, wonders, sciences and knowledge have been discovered by the human reality. At one time these sciences, knowledge, wonders and arts were hidden and concealed secrets; then gradually the human reality discovered them and brought them from the realm of the invisible to the plane of the visible. Therefore, it is evident that the reality of man embraces things... It is the revealer of the secrets of things, and it is the knower of the realities of that which exists. These discoveries corresponding to the reality are similar to revelation, which is spiritual comprehension, divine inspiration and the association of human spirits. .. Among spiritual souls there are spiritual understandings, discoveries, a communion which is purified from imagination and fancy, an association which is sanctified from time and place...."

I thanked Ollie for this delightful selection, which gave me much to think about, especially as I am preparing to teach again about molecules and electromagetic fields and all those things invisible.

After telling them that I was going to really think about what they had me read precious dudes put their paws to their lips and blew off little kisses! We wish everyone a great evening and a beautiful Wednesday! No shakes hopefully!

Hasta pronto!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cats Observing Day Light Saving...

Last Saturday night I was hoping that our doodle cats would not adjust their watches to the new time and jump on me at 6:00 a.m., which would have been 5:00 a.m. Not surprisingly, they had adjusted their watches and were good and ready at 5:00 a.m.

The three of us set out on our daily walk at 6:00 a.m.(nope, I did not go out at 5:00). I began to tell the boys about a few themes I had in mind, por ejemplo, loftiness of nature, grandeur of aspirations, sincerity of aims, rising above the tumult and noise to remain steady and grounded, when tout d'un coup or inmediatamente, Ollie took off like a flash up the red tree that is in their play garden!

I know the iphone shots are not great but the big beast in the tree is baby Ollie..

After standing around a while I decided that I had to get the ladder...he seemed to have been trapped.

By the time I got the ladder he was running back home!

Little Olser boy had a lot of thinking and resting to do to shake off the experience!

August who was cheering him through this challenge needed to rest too!

We all decided that we needed to get physical rest before we could read, reflect and meditate so here's wishing all a relaxing day...take it easy everyone, cat kisses are coming your way!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I felt unraveled and was searching for

listening ears when this little dude, the oranje kat, appeared out of the blue and sat in front of me! He meowed, "I am listening!"

Gussy gus who was relaxing in his basket had to look..."Is this for real?", his eyes were telling me.

I suppose it is for real, I asked for listening ears but did not specify if they had to be furry or not, so I received a set of furry listening ears!!!

I told him the best that I could that I had a lot to do, the new semester at school is coming up, I have to study, teach, research, there is this to be done, the other to be taken care of, I want/need to read some books, I have not visited so and so...

He suggested we meditate on something unrelated to "MOI" and so we read this:

"Reflect upon the inner realities of the universe, the secret wisdoms involved, the enigmas, the inter-relationships, the rules that govern all. For every part of the universe is connected with every other part by ties that are very powerful and admit of no imbalance, nor any slackening whatever. In the physical realm of creation, all things are eaters and eaten: the plant drinketh in the mineral, the animal doth crop and swallow down the plant, man doth feed upon the animal, and the mineral devoureth the body of man. Physical bodies are transferred past one barrier after another, from one life to another, and all things are subject to transformation and change, save only the essence of existence itself -- since it is constant and immutable, and upon it is founded the life of every species and kind, of every contingent reality throughout the whole of creation.

Whensoever thou dost examine, through a microscope, the water man drinketh, the air he doth breathe, thou wilt see that with every breath of air, man taketh in an abundance of animal life, and with every draught of water, he also swalloweth down a great variety of animals. How could it ever be possible to put a stop to this process? For all creatures are eaters and eaten, and the very fabric of life is reared upon this fact. Where it not so, the ties that interlace all created things within the universe would be unravelled.

And further, whensoever a thing is destroyed, and decayeth, and is cut off from life, it is promoted into a world that is greater than the world it knew before. It leaveth, for example, the life of the mineral and goeth forward into the life of the plant; then it departeth out of the vegetable life and ascendeth into that of the animal, following which it forsaketh the life of the animal and riseth into the realm of human life, and this is out of the grace of thy Lord, the Merciful, the Compassionate." (SWAB 157)

Well, I am not quite sure how he did it but it worked. I have this feeling that I will pay for this.

Dr Ollie wishes each and everyone of you a wholesome Friday, and Augustus sends all lovely kisses!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

These swiftly passing days...

Some days the clouds dance in the skies...

the flowers pose daintily...

an orange doodle cat rolls in the grass

and a Gussy cat daydreams....

These swiftly passing days are to be enjoyed today.
Cannot ask for more...I am sure of it!

Kitties blew a bunch of kisses your way...Enjoy!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a sight...

"Follow me", said Augustus, on this bright and early Sunday morning, and I did.

I oohed when we walked by this leaf star!

"Keep following", he said, and I did until we came to

¡QuĂ© espectáculo, los loros de Pasadena...

"Wow", I said. "These are beautiful August!" He meowed and grrred in gentle agreement.

Ollie boy who was secretly following from behind became entirely mesmerized, I could not get him away from that spot...

and later indoors, he was still looking into the skies....sigh!

We later meditated and reflected on this...

O SON OF THE THRONE! Thy hearing is My hearing, hear thou therewith. Thy sight is My sight, do thou see therewith, that in thine inmost soul thou mayest testify unto My exalted sanctity, and I within Myself may bear witness unto an exalted station for thee. (The Hidden Words)

Wishing all a most delightful week and little cat kisses too...


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Backyard Meditations...

I went to a nature talk Wednesday night and told the cat boys all about it. Oh my! Antarctica! The penguins, the whales, the sea lions, the glaciers, the skies, the oceans....stunning!
August was imagining all in his mind's eye...

and Ollie too was thinking about it...especially about those whales!

We were so inspired that we returned back to the condo where we read a selection chosen by Augustus:

"Look at the world and ponder a while upon it. It unveileth the book of its own self before thine eyes and revealeth that which the Pen of thy Lord, the Fashioner, the All-Informed, hath inscribed therein. It will acquaint thee with that which is within it and upon it and will give thee such clear explanations as to make thee independent of every eloquent expounder.
Say: Nature in its essence is the embodiment of My Name, the Maker, the Creator. Its manifestations are diversified by varying causes, and in this diversity there are signs for men of discernment. Nature is God’s Will and is its expression in and through the contingent world..."
(Tablet of Wisdom)

and we became even more inspired and so we listened to some kitty choir chosen by Ollie! It was lovely!

We wish everyone an inspired Friday and weekend and muchas kitty kisses!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Losing sight...Naah

August ties a string around the tree so as to not forget where he saw his favorite bird

and explores around

while Ollie dude just stares...perhaps it is safer this way!

One way or the other these doodle cats remain undistracted in the distracting world about them...they do not allow for 'their vision to be dimmed, their resolution flagged, their attention distracted' or their faith wavered in achieving their goals.

I told them how the earth's axis had shifted, the days had become shorter, there was much work to be done, a civilization had to build, unity of heart and mind was to be achieved, personal development to occur...ra da dada dada...and they did not flinch!

"O SON OF THE WONDROUS VISION! I have breathed within thee a breath of My own Spirit, that thou mayest be My lover..." (The Hidden Words)

Delicious kitty kisses and best wishes were sent off to encourage everyone on their chosen track...