Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cats Observing Day Light Saving...

Last Saturday night I was hoping that our doodle cats would not adjust their watches to the new time and jump on me at 6:00 a.m., which would have been 5:00 a.m. Not surprisingly, they had adjusted their watches and were good and ready at 5:00 a.m.

The three of us set out on our daily walk at 6:00 a.m.(nope, I did not go out at 5:00). I began to tell the boys about a few themes I had in mind, por ejemplo, loftiness of nature, grandeur of aspirations, sincerity of aims, rising above the tumult and noise to remain steady and grounded, when tout d'un coup or inmediatamente, Ollie took off like a flash up the red tree that is in their play garden!

I know the iphone shots are not great but the big beast in the tree is baby Ollie..

After standing around a while I decided that I had to get the ladder...he seemed to have been trapped.

By the time I got the ladder he was running back home!

Little Olser boy had a lot of thinking and resting to do to shake off the experience!

August who was cheering him through this challenge needed to rest too!

We all decided that we needed to get physical rest before we could read, reflect and meditate so here's wishing all a relaxing day...take it easy everyone, cat kisses are coming your way!



  1. That Ollie is an amazing climber! Have a beautiful Monday! xo

  2. Thank goodness my boys were blissfully unaware of daylight savings, and when I rolled out of bed at 7 am (truly 6 am) they just blinked their eyes and told me to turn back off the lights.

  3. Dear Umber
    Your boys must have a word with my boys! They need guidance! : )

  4. WHY...that's exactly how i feel...UP a Tree...having lost this hour of my life...without any say~so...come bring your ladder...

  5. ...or better yet...i shall visit thee...then i'll pick up 3...
    hee hee

  6. Nancy, you make me smile every single time! xoxo