Thursday, March 11, 2010

I felt unraveled and was searching for

listening ears when this little dude, the oranje kat, appeared out of the blue and sat in front of me! He meowed, "I am listening!"

Gussy gus who was relaxing in his basket had to look..."Is this for real?", his eyes were telling me.

I suppose it is for real, I asked for listening ears but did not specify if they had to be furry or not, so I received a set of furry listening ears!!!

I told him the best that I could that I had a lot to do, the new semester at school is coming up, I have to study, teach, research, there is this to be done, the other to be taken care of, I want/need to read some books, I have not visited so and so...

He suggested we meditate on something unrelated to "MOI" and so we read this:

"Reflect upon the inner realities of the universe, the secret wisdoms involved, the enigmas, the inter-relationships, the rules that govern all. For every part of the universe is connected with every other part by ties that are very powerful and admit of no imbalance, nor any slackening whatever. In the physical realm of creation, all things are eaters and eaten: the plant drinketh in the mineral, the animal doth crop and swallow down the plant, man doth feed upon the animal, and the mineral devoureth the body of man. Physical bodies are transferred past one barrier after another, from one life to another, and all things are subject to transformation and change, save only the essence of existence itself -- since it is constant and immutable, and upon it is founded the life of every species and kind, of every contingent reality throughout the whole of creation.

Whensoever thou dost examine, through a microscope, the water man drinketh, the air he doth breathe, thou wilt see that with every breath of air, man taketh in an abundance of animal life, and with every draught of water, he also swalloweth down a great variety of animals. How could it ever be possible to put a stop to this process? For all creatures are eaters and eaten, and the very fabric of life is reared upon this fact. Where it not so, the ties that interlace all created things within the universe would be unravelled.

And further, whensoever a thing is destroyed, and decayeth, and is cut off from life, it is promoted into a world that is greater than the world it knew before. It leaveth, for example, the life of the mineral and goeth forward into the life of the plant; then it departeth out of the vegetable life and ascendeth into that of the animal, following which it forsaketh the life of the animal and riseth into the realm of human life, and this is out of the grace of thy Lord, the Merciful, the Compassionate." (SWAB 157)

Well, I am not quite sure how he did it but it worked. I have this feeling that I will pay for this.

Dr Ollie wishes each and everyone of you a wholesome Friday, and Augustus sends all lovely kisses!



  1. And to you, Olly and Gus too...Have a very happy weekend, xv.

  2. Dr Ollie is so clever.

    By the way, I finally finished my homework!

  3. Hi there Jillian S...what a lovely surprise! You were tardy Mlle but you still get an A+. Dr Ollie is very clever but it comes in short intervals!


  4. That cracks me up to see Augustus on top of the refrigerator like that! LOL. Have a wonderful weekend.xx

  5. Well Augustus looks quite Cheshire Cat-like (minus enormous grin), with his head seemingly floating over the refrigerator like that. Happy weekend to you :)

  6. What an elemental and spiritual way to go forth...
    and what a meditation this was for me.

    Thank you my sweet m.

    Your M

  7. Cheshire cat? : ) I will run that by him : )

    Good to see you M, and yes, I do meditate on that is hard to imagine that one life is an ante room to a larger, freer and more advanced one! XX to you!

  8. That last paragraph... hmmmmmmm... yes.

    AND I'm thinking I should be sending a little white lab coat rather than a little white cape for Ollie!