Thursday, March 28, 2013

A splendid day...

The back corner of our complex is a most special place, we are very glad that it is mostly neglected by the inhabitants of this white cube.

It has been our meeting place for some time now.  I have thousands of photos and have covered all angles worthy of capture, and for that matter, perhaps not worthy of capture.

For the most part, it is an uninteresting place, with the exception of those times when the rays of sun pour through, or the chirps of birds descend through the leaves, and most definitely, when two certain cat boys deck the area.

This morning Mr PuffyPants had the high walls but was slightly concerned about making his way back down.
I noticed that his more experienced brother, the Sweet Pants, was down below giving him notes of cat encouragement.
He then looked at me for moral support!
I reminded him that he was a lion and that we were both watching him.
Situation assessed...
he scaled down in all of his magnificence.

I grabbed him and kissed him.
His long brother was pleased.
I then asked them to group for a reading and reflection.  
They chose the front end of the white cube closer to the entrance.
I asked them to assume a posture of learning with open mind.

They had fallen out of practice so they consulted briefly wondering what that posture was.
They sat both with their backs to me and ears pointed to my direction.
That was actually the way we used to read in the past but they were uncertain, and within seconds
one set of unsure ears flipped forwards, and the other set remained back.
That would not work for me.
Then both sets of ears turned forwards and that would not work at all.
Finally, both sat alert with their ears and backs towards me...the proper posture they were searching for, those perfectionist cat boys.

I decided to share with them a paragraph from one of their favorite books,

"When Joseph was for sale, the market-place
Teemed with Egyptians wild to see his face;
An ancient crone pushed forward-in her hand
She held a few threads twisted strand by strand...
The merchant laughed and said: 'Come on, old girl,
It's not for you to purchase such a pearl...'
'Oh, I knew that before,' the old crone said;
'I knew you wouldn't sell him for my thread-
But it's enough that everyone will say
"She bid for Joseph on that splendid day".'

Cat boys made you pawfuls of kisses and wished for you a splendid day!

Ciao everyone!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The backyard is going to be re-landscaped.  I took the cat boys to the back last Sunday morning.  The air was fresh.  The sun shone bountifully.

Mr Sweet Pants was jumping around, the sort of jumping that stretches one's body in a good joyful stretch, up to high places.
Mr Puffy Pants was seated on a high wall looking about like a watchful lion.
He looked at me inquisitively, and also telling me that his bouncy brother was just being his brother whom we both loved.
I could not agree more.

We have been too busy for regular reflections, the way we used to, I don't know why.  Could we be that much busier than before? Cat boys agreed that we needed to discuss that.

As I was searching for something to share with the cat boys I came across this quote, which made me both laugh and be grateful.

“Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali.” 
― Salvador DalĂ­

It is indeed a great thing to wake up to oneself, especially if some furry creatures happen to be around too.  Cat boys wish you a beautiful last week in March.  They filled their paws with kisses for all.

Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


was ushered in last weekend with the peacock walk across our back yard even though the astronomical event happened today. By the time I was alerted and ran to get my camera they were crossing yard to yard eastward.  Here is one
and here is the two of them together.
I walked back to the condo courtyard and found Mr Puffy Pants a little surprised.
In the back yard where the peacocks were grazing I think Mr Sweet Pants was on alert in the company of Sylvester, the big cat.
He walked up to meow the whole event to me and I noticed from his tail that he had seen a peacock for the first time.
Mr Puffy joined the company and was tracing molecules the peacocks might have left behind.
We wanted to show you signs of spring and we chose this flower that grew unplanted.
Ollie sat for a pose.

Cat boys wished you a Happy Spring bringing hopes that never end and pawfuls of kitty kisses!

“I remember, I remember
That Spring came on forever,
That Spring came on forever,”        
Said the Chinese nightingale.

Ciao everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr Kildare and Nurse Consuelo...

Yesterday morning I went to work as usual and within an hour I felt lousy with a bad headache and just overall ill feeling.

I usually try to talk myself out of becoming ill and this works quite well.  Yesterday I decided to also go home, take a Tylenol and sleep.

The cat boys noticed my arrival. I took a Tylenol and went straight for Gus' bed, flat on my back; he was on his chair.  Eyes closed I heard the click click of Ollie's feet who within seconds was by my side on the bed checking me all over.  I called him Nurse Consuelo as he massaged my sides, he was very thorough and monitored my moves carefully.
Then he turned around and remained snuggled by my side until I fell asleep.
Dr. Kildare was in deep sleep during all this, which goes to show the importance of nurses everywhere!
Later that evening Dr. Augustus Kildare was ready to do the rounds, too bad the door was locked
while Nurse Consuelo was playing with his circles.

When I returned to work later in the afternoon I knew I was so much better because of Nurse Consuelo.

Wishing everyone good health and in-house nurse and boys send pawful of kisses.

Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Cat boys send you this along with pawful of kisses.

Ciao everyone!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"in the sphere of that which is relative"

Last night I attended a talk on the general theme of religion and psychology- more specifically a connection between Freud's transference theory and the process of God understanding in the human psyche. I can only say that it was very interesting.

Naturally I would and I have shared the themes of this talk with the cat boys as I always do but the situation today is this. I have no photos of that conversation.

I therefore allowed myself to roam into the sphere of that which was relative and selected photos from the weekend past when the sun was shinier and the skies brighter.

We were then discussing relativity and I was going up on various levels of the house and looking at the
cat boys to demonstrate that I was still the same person.
Gus meowed to let me know that he knew who I was.
Ollie looked
and then processed the thought in his head. ( I noticed a question mark or an exclamation point)
Back down on the first level Mr Sweet Pants was in a contemplative posture,
the tulip tree behind him was in full bloom,
and as I looked above I saw the underside of the leaves of the plant on our third floor against the white of the stucco and the blue of the blue weekend skies.
Mr Sweet Pants gazed here and there almost musically, inhaling in scenery,
and then closing his eyes to not let the pictures escape.
Mr Puffy Pants was starting to wonder if something was going on here.
As he looked back one way
and he looked forward toward the other
I shared with them this,

"Although a brief example hath been given concerning the beginning and ending of the relative world, the world of attributes, yet a second illustration is now added, that the full meaning may be manifest. For instance, let thine Eminence consider his own self; thou art first in relation to thy son, last in relation to thy father. In thine outward appearance, thou tellest of the appearance of power in the realms of divine creation; in thine inward being thou revealest the hidden mysteries which are the divine trust deposited within thee. And thus firstness and lastness, outwardness and inwardness are, in the sense referred to, true of thyself, that in these four states conferred upon thee thou shouldst comprehend the four divine states, and that the nightingale of thine heart on all the branches of the rose tree of existence, whether visible or concealed, should cry out: "He is the first and the last, the Seen and the Hidden...." (The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys)

which they truly enjoyed.

We have rain here, we are on the slanted side of the week and we think that it is a good place to be.  Cat boys sent you all pawfuls of kisses...

Ciao everyone!

PS- for those interested in the topic concepts and passages from this book and this book were discussed in the talk I attended.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

when the squirrels look puzzled

one here,
one there,
and the third one here...I know all too well who they were staring at...
one fluffy Gingerella,
delightfully fallen on his side,
and one utterly relaxed Stripey cat, Mr Sweet Pants,
who really needed
to get up and find
a roomier corner so that he too could delightfully fall
on his sides.
Do you express your gratitude for the divine delights by rolling on the ground or closing your eyes or what?  You know those moments when you are holding a cup of steaming tea and the steam rises up to sit on your lovely cheeks, maybe fogging your glasses, the steam carrying with it delicate scent molecules, or perhaps it is a cup of coffee delivering those lovely neuro stimulants to your cells...the heat of the cup tightly held between your palms penetrating deep one cold morning; maybe it is the scent of a rose you are holding in your hand, or the sight of the flowers you just passed by in the florist shop, and or so many other things.  What do you register in your minds during those moments?

O Son of Man!  
Lift up they heart with delight, that thou mayest be fitted to meet Me and to mirror forth  My Beauty.  (The Hidden Words)

Catboys wish that you delight in those kisses they blow your way..they are heavenly!

Ciao everyone!