Wednesday, March 20, 2013


was ushered in last weekend with the peacock walk across our back yard even though the astronomical event happened today. By the time I was alerted and ran to get my camera they were crossing yard to yard eastward.  Here is one
and here is the two of them together.
I walked back to the condo courtyard and found Mr Puffy Pants a little surprised.
In the back yard where the peacocks were grazing I think Mr Sweet Pants was on alert in the company of Sylvester, the big cat.
He walked up to meow the whole event to me and I noticed from his tail that he had seen a peacock for the first time.
Mr Puffy joined the company and was tracing molecules the peacocks might have left behind.
We wanted to show you signs of spring and we chose this flower that grew unplanted.
Ollie sat for a pose.

Cat boys wished you a Happy Spring bringing hopes that never end and pawfuls of kitty kisses!

“I remember, I remember
That Spring came on forever,
That Spring came on forever,”        
Said the Chinese nightingale.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Happy, Happy Spring to you and the cat boys! I wonder what would happen if they were actually face to face with a peacock?

  2. ShannonAnn: Thank you and same to you. Augustus was actually there face to face but with his kitty dad...he was apparently amazed... : )

  3. Excellent prelude to Spring days...
    Amazing land you live in My Friend...

    xo to all of you!

  4. Dee- can you believe those peacocks?!!! happy spring and xos to you

  5. Happy spring to you guys over there!
    I admit spring looks a " bit " different over here though.
    Peacocks - amazing!
    Were the cat boys in close contact with the birds - what do you think would happen, whose heart would beat the fastest?

  6. Mette...I am sure it looks different. Augustus was close enough to not believe what he saw. I am pretty sure the cats' hearts were beating faster. The biggest bird they have seen is a hawk. Great to see you xo

  7. Aw, thank you boys for your sweet spring wishes. Those peacocks--I'm glad the boys weren't traumatized by them. They seem as congenial as ever in your photos.

    Love the calla lily, blooming beautifully while mine are still completely buried under the mud. :)

    Cheers dear friend. Spring is here!

  8. Grace- thank you and happy spring to you...your lilies will be out in no time. This one volunteered, no one had planted it! And I too am happy that the boys were not traumatized...they are so brave...great to see you xx

  9. Aren't they funny when they see something out of the ordinary? That tail on SP! He looked kind of like, "I'm outta there". Haha. Glad you could grab the camera in time for a peacock shot! Wow. I wonder where they came from?
    Send me some spring. We've got snow all week! Grrrr. XO


  10. joyous vernal equinox to all at the cat dude compound!

    love those peacocks. i've always loved them, ever since first seeing them as a child.

    and that poem. i want to memorize it and say it to all with whom i come in contact on this first day of spring!

    * love *

  11. where did the peacocks come from? and the cat boys do look a bit puzzled :-) enjoy warm and colourful spring days!

  12. This is so delightful! We have wild peacocks round here. You they are about as you can hear that piercing "cry" they announce their presence with. They are beautiful creatures!

    I bet your two beauties were mistified and didn't quite know what to do! So funny!

    I love Spring, with all the gifts it brings... but it's still cold, here...



  13. A happy spring to you and the cat boys. I love peacocks. How did they get there? That looks like a calla lily flower, a favorite of mine. I imagine those peacocks were somewhat frightening to the cat boys!

  14. peacocks roaming the streets! Well I never ..! lol it's always such a treat watching your cat noticing something new!

  15. LOL I just gotta say I love visiting this blog because of all the adorable furry friends :)

  16. Prairiegirl- spring will be yours in no time in all its glory...I agree, Gus was mimicking the peacock walk (you noticed), and actually, peacocks roam the streets and yards in Pasadena frequently, about 10 miles to the east of us, there is an arboretum but in between is city jungle..xoxo

    marie- we grabbed your love xoxo

    Anna- I don't think I have heard them but their colors are incredible...the boys were truly mystified...I had to laugh...spring will be yours in no time xxx

    sanda- I suspect they are from the arboretum that is 10-12 miles east of us...the lily amazed me more because it grew on its own ...great to see you

    Nancy- in this town I have seen a huge bunny, peacocks on the street, a donkey, coyotes, raccoons and possums...and is a jungle xoxo

    optimistic- thank you...seeing your name makes me feel optimistic..happy spring to you