Tuesday, March 5, 2013

when the squirrels look puzzled

one here,
one there,
and the third one here...I know all too well who they were staring at...
one fluffy Gingerella,
delightfully fallen on his side,
and one utterly relaxed Stripey cat, Mr Sweet Pants,
who really needed
to get up and find
a roomier corner so that he too could delightfully fall
on his sides.
Do you express your gratitude for the divine delights by rolling on the ground or closing your eyes or what?  You know those moments when you are holding a cup of steaming tea and the steam rises up to sit on your lovely cheeks, maybe fogging your glasses, the steam carrying with it delicate scent molecules, or perhaps it is a cup of coffee delivering those lovely neuro stimulants to your cells...the heat of the cup tightly held between your palms penetrating deep one cold morning; maybe it is the scent of a rose you are holding in your hand, or the sight of the flowers you just passed by in the florist shop, and or so many other things.  What do you register in your minds during those moments?

O Son of Man!  
Lift up they heart with delight, that thou mayest be fitted to meet Me and to mirror forth  My Beauty.  (The Hidden Words)

Catboys wish that you delight in those kisses they blow your way..they are heavenly!

Ciao everyone!


  1. I love the feeling of sliding into my bed after I've changed the sheets. The crisp cool smoothess and the rustling of the duvet covers make me close my eyes in delight and just enjoy the sound and the sensation of gradually warmer bed.

  2. Anna- that is a good one...Ollie loves it too... : )

  3. My whole spirit unwrinkles at the end of the day after a read of your post.

  4. i'm learning to keep my eyes and my heart open to all that will feed my soul and keep me in a loving state of mind. maybe rolling on the concrete or on the ground would help, much like the cat boys....?!?

    always: those quotes and readings open my heart to the truth.


  5. The steaming tea and coffee does it for me, as does the scent of flowers, stroking my dogs and cats and a hot bubble bath. The small things in life are the best!

  6. Lovely Gnat- you make us smile big smiles xx

    marie- a loving state of mind is really the thing to strive for, thank you ...I think rolling on the ground always helps xoxo

    sanda- you said it...realizing the small things and the joy they bring xx

  7. what do
    i register? in the perfect moment, probably not very much at all, just peace and an empty mind. it's quite lovely :) now, if you'd ask me what

    I enjoy, it would have to be sun after rain, and rain after too much sun ;) but warm, soft asphalt is not bad either!

  8. A Scientific Poetess...

    I love {love, love} that you used "scent molecules"...This makes me pause and consider things I usually do not consider...The physical. The reason.
    I breathe deep into my belly. The moments remind me to breathe...
    Much love to you Mona.
    xo {these are solely yours for this marvellous post...}

    {xo these are for the boys!}

  9. Lately I have been playing hide and seek with Mogul in the woods where we go hiking most days, sometimes I am waiting quite awhile before he realizes that I'm not following him. I am totally on alert but not stressed, an interesting delicious feeling, like the first coffee in the morning.
    Hearts, ShannonAnn

  10. I'm afraid for me a good roll on the grass might look a wee bit strange. Too bad I'm not as pretty and fluffy as Gingerella. He and Mr. Sweet Pants are the penchant of handsomeness and dignity in whatever role they're engaged.

    Me I just stand and let it soak in.