Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The backyard is going to be re-landscaped.  I took the cat boys to the back last Sunday morning.  The air was fresh.  The sun shone bountifully.

Mr Sweet Pants was jumping around, the sort of jumping that stretches one's body in a good joyful stretch, up to high places.
Mr Puffy Pants was seated on a high wall looking about like a watchful lion.
He looked at me inquisitively, and also telling me that his bouncy brother was just being his brother whom we both loved.
I could not agree more.

We have been too busy for regular reflections, the way we used to, I don't know why.  Could we be that much busier than before? Cat boys agreed that we needed to discuss that.

As I was searching for something to share with the cat boys I came across this quote, which made me both laugh and be grateful.

“Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali.” 
― Salvador Dalí

It is indeed a great thing to wake up to oneself, especially if some furry creatures happen to be around too.  Cat boys wish you a beautiful last week in March.  They filled their paws with kisses for all.

Ciao everyone!


  1. :)
    Oh to have such confidence! Such self love! And, of course, reason {justification} to feel this way....

    XO to you all!

  2. Dee: xos to you. I don't know in what context Dali expressed that sentiment but we had to admit that he made a good point. It is wonderful to see you ALWAYS.

  3. You have to admit, Mr. Puffy Pants does appear to have the confidence of a lion, doesn't he? He and Mr. Sweet Pants are both such happy, loving kitties. And my heart is filled with their paw-fuls of kisses. Happy last week of March to you too. April awaits. :)

  4. I think I need to come over and join in the discussion of time and busyness and why oh why our reflections are so limited these days??!! Cat boys are wise...maybe they have the answer.
    Looking forward to seeing what's in store for your "new digs" out back.

  5. I sometimes think our cat boys and cat girls are much smarter than we are. They know how to relax and enjoy each moment. I only wish they would share their wisdom with us...

  6. i miss the reflections, the really deep ones that give me reason to pause and ponder the words and their meanings. but i'll take you as i can get you. however often or pensive you are.

    * love *

  7. Dear Grace- The two Mr Pants love how you fuss over them...and sent you even more kisses : )

    prairiegirl- why indeed? I am trying to adjust to the back yard but the cat boys find it interesting...a new look, a place to explore..pix coming up this weekend xx

    sanda- : ) they are wise...i have frequently wishes I were a cat xx

    marie-thank you for saying that ... I think this is in part due to being busy and in part because deep thoughts need to settle into our bones...we love your visits and encouragement xx

  8. if only human siblings could get along as well as your boys do and possess such insight and calm :-)

  9. Anna- you made me laugh...they fight a lot but in a fair way..they take turns and instantly kiss and make up!! So good to see you. xx

  10. Thank you Mr Optimist...coming from you this is a huge compliment : )

  11. Salvador Dalì was a little bit presumptuous, as, I know he was who he was, but there was a side to him which I wouldn't have been proud of, had I been him!

    The cat boys look fantastic! I love them!

    Happy Easter to the three of you!