Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr Kildare and Nurse Consuelo...

Yesterday morning I went to work as usual and within an hour I felt lousy with a bad headache and just overall ill feeling.

I usually try to talk myself out of becoming ill and this works quite well.  Yesterday I decided to also go home, take a Tylenol and sleep.

The cat boys noticed my arrival. I took a Tylenol and went straight for Gus' bed, flat on my back; he was on his chair.  Eyes closed I heard the click click of Ollie's feet who within seconds was by my side on the bed checking me all over.  I called him Nurse Consuelo as he massaged my sides, he was very thorough and monitored my moves carefully.
Then he turned around and remained snuggled by my side until I fell asleep.
Dr. Kildare was in deep sleep during all this, which goes to show the importance of nurses everywhere!
Later that evening Dr. Augustus Kildare was ready to do the rounds, too bad the door was locked
while Nurse Consuelo was playing with his circles.

When I returned to work later in the afternoon I knew I was so much better because of Nurse Consuelo.

Wishing everyone good health and in-house nurse and doctors...cat boys send pawful of kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I hope the headache was massaged away...
    Those boys are good medicine.
    xo Mona.
    {and thank you...}

  2. Dear Mona,
    I'm so glad that some good nursing and a sound sleep helped to mitigate that nasty cold. I hope that you continue to feel even better and are up to some good cuddles with your cat boys!

  3. Well I never!!! The doctor and the nurse! Ginger is so attentive and a cure all, while Doc there, sleeping UPSIDE down, will tend to you at his leisure. Hmm...
    I'd leave work too, if I knew I'd be getting a massage!
    You are loved. xo

  4. so good to know you were in good hands....er....PAWS....

    * love *

  5. Thank you Dear Friends...I feel so much better and I know it all had to do with nurse Consuelo...if we could only get him position at the hospital most ailments would vanish...wishing you all great health xx

  6. awww! the boys are so thoughtful and attentive. you must excuse the doctor napping, surely he pulled a double night shift and was tired ;-)

  7. good to hear you're better! ... but the doctor looks like he's doing some complicated yoga on the chair! :D

  8. Dr. Augustus is also a acrobatic genius it seems!
    Well he has to be as the Superhero Cat that he is I guess ;)