Thursday, May 16, 2013


One day the freshly awakened sun was peeking its head out...this is when Sweet Pants always chooses to eat.
He then likes to scan the surroundings while licking his delicious lips.
I find his Sweet Pants irresistible when he gets up to go for a stroll.
The more emotional one, Mr Puffy Pants, likes to sit out in his Serengeti
meditating intently while pretending that he is a lion.  
The slender sneakster always finds a way to escape and camouflage himself in the jungle in the back.
That day there was a dove sitting behind him, with no apparent worries on its little brain!
The jacaranda was in full bloom and still clean.
Back indoors too the tree with no name had bloomed, something that always happens so suddenly.
The patio table no longer had room for plates and tea cups but it was ok, it was green.
Grateful for some early morning solitude because these days are really too busy. Cat boys still don't know how to type.  We wanted to stick our heads in and say hi...hope everyone is taking May one day at a time...with gratitude and joy.  That may be the only solution to this hasty pace of life.

Cat boys sent you pawfuls of kisses and their best wishes!

Ciao everyone!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"the intimacy of sunlight and the mystery of fog"

That early morning was both early and clear when the cat boys and I set out strolling. But shortly after the fog rolled in and we felt excited.
The bougainville was brighter and the green was more bluish in the distance.  Up close the green was brilliant and the atmosphere was saturated with cool minuscule droplets of water.
I looked up and immediately recognized the slanky behind of Mr Sweet Pants who walked
on the high wall following me to the back where he perched himself for a good look at things.
Down below, on normal grounds, which are usually not as exciting as the higher grounds, a squirrel was staring
at Mr Puffy Pants from a short distance knowing all too well that a catnipped kitty would be no threat.
Mr Puffy Pants looked up at his brother
and oh, so, delicious, he continued with enjoying the magic herb.
Mr Sweet Pants let the squirrel know that
he could be down in a split second if need be so that he would not have any ideas in his head.
Later that morning the fog lifted and I saw Mr Sweet Pants down on the road that goes into a deep jungle.
Upon seeing me he jumped on the patio wall to show me his paws because he knows that I adore them.

Seeing his beautiful feet I thought to read him this:

"...A Persian cobbler never dares to make two shoes identical in every respect, because he thinks such an act will kill his wife; he may be harbouring a superstition, but artistically he is quite sound. Individuality is precious and refreshing; the world presents subtle blends of endless variations; there must be orchids and hills, roads and tuberoses, intimacy of sunlight and the mystery of fog. Spiritually, too, every human being has his candle to burn, his spire of blue incense smoke to offer as a gift and a worship in the temple of humanity. Does it matter what colour are the fingers curved in prayer? Or whether the music be a honey-slow spiritual from Louisiana, or the flute-song of a Persian shepherd, watching in a turquoise dawn? The sacred gift of an obedient life is treasured-up for all eternity, and every giver is beloved. In this dawn of a new humanity, no one is rejected. There are no untouchables, no social lepers, no spurned and remnant peoples any more; 'Abdu'l-Bahá tells us that the love of God haloes all created things...."  (Dawn Over Mount Hira)

Cat boys sent you pawsfuls of kisses, one set smelling like catnip, and their best wishes for a Happy Wednesday.

Ciao everyone!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One early morning in early May with the cat boys...

I woke up early early this morning, 4:30 or so, to Ollie's various calls. I was not sure if he was talking to me or practicing a song because every minute or so he would give out a different meow, a different note.  I laughed in my sleep because I never know with this cat boy, after all he is a thespian.

He and I went to the back yard where he climbed a wall and showed me
these two other cat boys.  They stay indoors all the time.  They do not like Ollie because their father likes to pet Ollie and this arouses their jealousy.  I thought they looked cute.
When we were walking away their little heads were following us.
Mr Puffy Pants had games to play this morning so I left him with the squirrels.
On our own patio, Mr Sweet Pants was waiting to be fed.
He likes to eat on the wall so he can watch the street.
He did a lot of licking
 and more licking
and looking
and more looking.

A while later, still early in the morning, the orange one returned, ate his breakfast, and ran up to meditate!  Surprised as I was I did not question his motives and only applauded him.

Upstairs I found that he had adopted the posture of meditation where he stretches his arms and stares at one spot.
I sat down in front of him for sweet talks.
He listened.
If I were into astrology and I am not, I suppose my astrology for the day would have read something like this...

"two furry strangers will be watching you early this morning but be not alarmed because their world is separated from yours by a thin invisible layer...where the skies are more open a lion will walk with you...under leafy skies you will bask under the loving glances of a jaguar...before heading to work look out for that lion again and kiss his pink nose...the unexpected love that you shall receive today comes from a furry orange one...enjoy"

I still had to go to work and the thought of it stressed me.  The orange lion told me to meditate on this:

O Son of Him that Stood by His Own Entity in the Kingdom of His Self!
Know thou, that I have wafted unto thee all the fragrances of holiness,
have fully revealed to thee My word,
have perfected through thee My bounty and have desired for you that which I have desired for My Self.  Be then content with My pleasure and thankful unto Me.
(Hidden Words)

I thought he had a good idea.  Cat boys wished you a lovely month of May and sent you pawfuls of their special May kisses.