Thursday, May 16, 2013


One day the freshly awakened sun was peeking its head out...this is when Sweet Pants always chooses to eat.
He then likes to scan the surroundings while licking his delicious lips.
I find his Sweet Pants irresistible when he gets up to go for a stroll.
The more emotional one, Mr Puffy Pants, likes to sit out in his Serengeti
meditating intently while pretending that he is a lion.  
The slender sneakster always finds a way to escape and camouflage himself in the jungle in the back.
That day there was a dove sitting behind him, with no apparent worries on its little brain!
The jacaranda was in full bloom and still clean.
Back indoors too the tree with no name had bloomed, something that always happens so suddenly.
The patio table no longer had room for plates and tea cups but it was ok, it was green.
Grateful for some early morning solitude because these days are really too busy. Cat boys still don't know how to type.  We wanted to stick our heads in and say hi...hope everyone is taking May one day at a time...with gratitude and joy.  That may be the only solution to this hasty pace of life.

Cat boys sent you pawfuls of kisses and their best wishes!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Do tell the cat boys that saner days are ahead. May will soon give way to June and all will be well.

  2. All photos are so beautiful!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

  3. taking may one day at a time with gratitude, joy, and the perfect presence of two wonderful cat boys....and YOU!


  4. Oh my, the very first picture is fascinating.
    Believe it or not, this is the first time I saw a jacaranda.
    All plants and trees are SO exotic.
    And about being busy, I can so relate to you.
    Waiting for relaxing times for you as well: ).
    Take care!

  5. I miss the purple trees of California. We had pink and white trees (now all green).

    Glad to hear all is well with you and kitties....and that they were so peaceful with the dove hanging out there :).

  6. Thank you Marilia! Enjoy your weekend. xo

    marie-one day at a time with gratitude is the only way, isn't it? sending you love xxx

    Dear Mette- good to see you...I hope you are enjoying the weekend...I do believe you, for me jacarandas are always exotic, in fact, lavendar is plant kingdom seems exotic and unnatural : )...see you soon!

    Hannah- I would miss is too...much about CA is so special to me but pink and white is mighty beautiful too...doves are safe..enjoy the weekend!

  7. I love following your cat boys'adventures! what a cat life they lead, surrounded by trees, flowers and hope... that one day, maybe, they might become lions and go hunting. The dove is pretty... what tentation for the cat boys. But... it's sunny in the garden, food is free and provided by "mum"... why not settle for an easy, almost human kind of life, basking in the sun... looking at the sky... and the birds!



  8. Mr. Puffy Pants has some beautiful patterns on him.

  9. The lion and the sneakster. I love it. The boys are looking quite handsome today.

    The no name plant could be Brunfelsia. A quick Google image search should clear it up. :) Perhaps you could enlist the boys in a key pecking lesson to help with their computer skills. :)

    May is such an awesome month. I love every minute of it.

  10. If I could give send you something today, it would be LONGER early morning solitudes. The busyness takes up so much time.
    Your trees and flowers and table of cheery greens makes for a pleasant space to sit and observe that sensitive lion and the precocious pants. I'm happy you get a piece of that before heading out the door. :)

  11. I am amazed at how gentle your cat boys are, the birds don't even come close to our house when the cats are outside. I'm sending you peaceful thoughts for a gentle May...and it is coming to a close soon.

  12. the patio table looks lovely! :D What do the boys this about it? Or maybe they have enough greenery elsewhere to not bother about a couple of pots ;) ... delicious lips ... hehe

  13. Your plants and that jacaranda tree are so gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend. xo