Thursday, May 2, 2013

One early morning in early May with the cat boys...

I woke up early early this morning, 4:30 or so, to Ollie's various calls. I was not sure if he was talking to me or practicing a song because every minute or so he would give out a different meow, a different note.  I laughed in my sleep because I never know with this cat boy, after all he is a thespian.

He and I went to the back yard where he climbed a wall and showed me
these two other cat boys.  They stay indoors all the time.  They do not like Ollie because their father likes to pet Ollie and this arouses their jealousy.  I thought they looked cute.
When we were walking away their little heads were following us.
Mr Puffy Pants had games to play this morning so I left him with the squirrels.
On our own patio, Mr Sweet Pants was waiting to be fed.
He likes to eat on the wall so he can watch the street.
He did a lot of licking
 and more licking
and looking
and more looking.

A while later, still early in the morning, the orange one returned, ate his breakfast, and ran up to meditate!  Surprised as I was I did not question his motives and only applauded him.

Upstairs I found that he had adopted the posture of meditation where he stretches his arms and stares at one spot.
I sat down in front of him for sweet talks.
He listened.
If I were into astrology and I am not, I suppose my astrology for the day would have read something like this...

"two furry strangers will be watching you early this morning but be not alarmed because their world is separated from yours by a thin invisible layer...where the skies are more open a lion will walk with you...under leafy skies you will bask under the loving glances of a jaguar...before heading to work look out for that lion again and kiss his pink nose...the unexpected love that you shall receive today comes from a furry orange one...enjoy"

I still had to go to work and the thought of it stressed me.  The orange lion told me to meditate on this:

O Son of Him that Stood by His Own Entity in the Kingdom of His Self!
Know thou, that I have wafted unto thee all the fragrances of holiness,
have fully revealed to thee My word,
have perfected through thee My bounty and have desired for you that which I have desired for My Self.  Be then content with My pleasure and thankful unto Me.
(Hidden Words)

I thought he had a good idea.  Cat boys wished you a lovely month of May and sent you pawfuls of their special May kisses.



  1. Isnt it true, how our cats need us at different times, for different reasons. Amazing little personalities, revealing themselves as new to us.
    There is so much joy & comfort in this post. And the two precious little heads, watching the world from behind the glass. :)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend with bird song. xx

  2. that ollie. he's quite the wise one. and a singer....!

    and augustus, taking his meal outside....

    sending you love and kisses!


  3. prairiegirl- it is very true and thank you for being part of our lives. Hope your weekend is delightful xxx

    marie- that Ollie is right...he is very emotional, and that Augustus...yup, we are trained very well here...have a great great weekend xoxo

  4. subtle whimsy; your tones are great; I find these posts enchanting, but I've used that word a lot before!

  5. LOL I love the picture of the two cats looking out the window :)