Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26th

The sun had risen further out to the east but there was enough light to explore, and yet early enough to be undisturbed by people noise and traffic.

We love watching the days wake up each day.  When we go out we see much of the same and then the unexpected.

We three have been roaming a more limited territory because Mr Puffy Pants hurt his front paw last weekend.  His limp is getting better but not 100%.

Tens of minutes later after they finished exploring, the sun was now casting shadows on a distant wall indicating that we'd better get going.  We noted how full the trees had become, and the little red color of the bottlebrush tree was a treat.
The two darlingest of all cat boys sat and looked at me...they felt those minutes were shorter than ever, and I could not agree more.
Ollie assumed his usual listening posture, which means that he turned his back and flipped his ears around.  This is actually a very clever posture that allows privacy and multi-tasking.
His ikat brother, Mr Sweet Pants, assumed a more open listening posture, which is also clever because it allows him to see the person who is reading.

We reflected upon these phrases from a favorite passage, we wanted to internalize these conditions:

"mercy unalloyed"
"purest bounty"
"end of foreignness"
"compassion and unity"
"harmony and fellowship"
"love and solidarity"

-Abdul Baha, Spiritual Teacher 

Then we three skedaddked home.  The sun was coming up fast.

I loved this scene below, Gingerella walking over the white rose petals.  Made me smile.

Cat boys wished you love and solidarity and sent you pawfuls of kitty kisses.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Harmony and fellowship. I feel it in the three of you! How glorious it must feel to be kissed by the sun and to walk on rose petals!
    But, puffy pants has an ow-ie. Here's a kiss to make it better! x

  2. a perfect reading for a day when the sun shines and one treads lightly, like a puffy pants kitty, over rose petal on the sidewalk....

    much love to you.

  3. I would like to internalize your reading too, seems very appropriate at the moment. I hope your hectic schedule has come to a slow crawl, and the cat boy kisses calms your heart.

  4. prairiegirl-thank you, yes to walking on rose petas..and he loved the kiss xoxo

    marie-heaps of love right back to you dear friend xoxo

    ShannonAnn- such great concepts...I have to remind myself everyday...I think my schedule will get better in June--6 weeks of busy school work coming up now but thank you for your best wishes, wish you a delightful week xoxo

    Optimist- first let me laugh (ha ha); the answer is that they have a strange relationship. When we are not around Ollie likes to be in Gus' presence and plays with him. When we are around there is a lot of jealousy and competition. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Aw, paw pain :(. Hope he is all better soon.