Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The escape artists

had Thoreau on their minds!

Thoreau in his journal 1851 
Now I yearn for one of those old, meandering, dry uninhabited roads, which lead away from towns, which lead us away from temptation, which conduct to the outside of Earth, over its uppermost crust; where you may forget in what country you are traveling; where no farmer can complain that you are treading down his grass, no gentleman who has recently constructed a seat in the country that you are trespassing; on which you can go off at half-cock and wave adieu to the village; along which you may travel like a pilgrim, going nowhither; where travelers are not too often to be met; where my spirit is free; where the walls and fences are not cared for; where your head is more in heaven than your feet are on Earth; which have long reaches where you can see the approaching traveler half a mile off and be prepared for him; not so luxuriant a soil as to attract me; some root and stump fences which do not need attention; where travelers have no occasion to stop, but pass along and leave you to your thoughts; where it makes no odds which way you face, whether you are going or coming, whether it is morning or evening, mid-noon or midnight; where Earth is cheap enough by being public; where you can pace when your breast is full, and cherish your moodiness; where you are not in false relations with men, are not dining nor conversing with them; by which you may go to the uttermost parts of the Earth. It is wide enough, wide as the thoughts it allows to visit you. Sometimes it is some particular half-dozen rods which I wish to find myself pacing over, as where certain airs blow; then my life will come to me, methinks; like a hunter I walk in wait for it.

Cat boys sent you kitty kisses and purrs!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Hmmm...I find myself, more often than not, yearning for that same road. The one where my spirit is free. The one where I can cherish my moodiness. That Thoreau was so awesome.
    Thank you & Cat boys for sending these wise words along with purrs & kisses! Love it!

  2. looking out the window, with the warm sun beckoning the words of Thoreau resonate with me. I want to get into my car and just drive, windows down, my favourite music playing on the radio, just drive, drive, drive... till I run out of gas, run out of road...
    The cat boys are more than welcome to come along! We'll camp under the stars, eat marsmallows and excange horror stories and poetry over the bond fire :-)

  3. Those words by Thoreau are resonating with me! Your cat boys are so wise to share them with us!

    Happy days!

  4. A lovely "landscape" in which one could easily "find" or "lose" him/herself.

    It reminded me of a very long road, in the Fens, in Norfolk, UK, near the first house I lived in, when I came to this country, on a snowy, foggy day, before my first Christmas here, when I was walking along this long road, surrounded by fog and whiteness, for the first time, in my life. I felt a sense of being alone, all by myself, as I walked, a bit scared and very disorientated.

    It was my first time. There have been times when I have walked along that same road, but this time the road was inside me. Was I ever free, or trapped by the outside world and my own mind? I don't know... maybe life is but a maze!



  5. Thoreau speaks to my heart and soul...always has. I wish I could have met him.

  6. Prairiegirl- me too, and when the boys read this to me, my mind immediately found a few such roads it its memory bank...thank you for being you xx

    coffeeaddict- you have the right idea...and as you described we drove along with you...boys would love to be in that car with you xox

    sanda- I find it interesting that we all love those words regardless of where we come from...we all crave the same, even those boys xx

    Anna- I love your tale...I have walked in fog and along roads alone when I was alone and I felt alone, and yet I rejoiced in that loneliness, being left alone and in peace...interesting how the road was inside of there a road inside all of us? thank you for sharing xoxo

    optimist- I knew you would be a thoreau easy to tell...thank you for being here with us