Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A paradise of delectable silences

only punctuated with the little chirps of the tiniest birds,
and the silent gaze and gentle movement of two back yard lions was ours that early Sunday evening.
Gingerella only moved his ears...so mesmerized was he by those little chirpy birds.
Behind him the fuschia colored flowers were sending out come hither pleas to the humming birds that zipped the skies.
Mr Sweet Pants was in a reflective mood, relaxed, but sensed the energy in the air, he was sure playfulness was in store for him.
At a short distance back and above his head I noticed the hummingbird, sitting on a branch, neither fearful nor anxious but eager and playful,
taunting him to play...zipping now here and there right above his face.
And so he played along, with ready ease and gentle grace, and
even licked his lips to play back more.
This game the hummingbird enjoyed.

We played around in silence for a while, a little while that I enjoyed greatly even as I knew that it was for a few moments only.

The busy moments of April tend to become overwhelming until cat boys remind me to practice gratitude, and so as I examine various tasks that I have to do, and realize them in the landscape of gratitude things change and become more manageable...this requires discipline though, and thankfully I have two disciplined cat boys who remind me of so many things.

Later that evening we reflected upon the paragraph below,  Gussy's selection, also a favorite of mine.

O friend! The heart is a store of divine mysteries; make it not a receptacle for mortal thoughts; and consume not the capital of this precious life by occupying thyself with the evanescent world. Thou art of the world of holiness; attach not thy heart unto the earth. Thou art a denizen of the court of nearness; choose not an earthly home. (Gleanings)

Cat boys have been pulling my sleeves asking me to send you their kisses...they feel that is their job.

Wishing all a silent week....

Ciao everyone!


  1. sending kisses and hugs right back :-D I can't belive the fuschias are in full bloom. We don't even have buds on the trees yet, it's been a crazy long winter here and everything is delayed by a month.
    Wishing you and the boys a peaceful week full of lovely sunshing and bird chirps

  2. coffeeaddict- thank you...I know, flowers everywhere, and pollen and allergies...we have the craziest weather, cold, hot, windy, dry, wet....it is quite remarkable,...wishing you the loveliest week and maybe some warmers temps xx

  3. Dearest Mona,
    I'm glad you have a beautiful place to have your morning coffee and some excellent company to ease your mind through this trying time of year. I truly hope it goes smoothly for you.
    Sending warm, wet puppy kisses your way! Xo's

  4. i love this: "thou are of the world of holiness." indeed.

    those cat boys and their birds. we are over-run with redpolls. i have been filling the feeders twice a day. supposedly the birds are filling up before migration. i'm going to tell them that there are a couple guys in southern california who'd like to meet them....


  5. How can I have nothing but gracious and gentle thoughts after visiting you and Ollie and Gus and the hummings and chirps in the courtyard.
    It sure looks pleasant out there. Green and crisp. With a lion behind a jade. Silence & kisses back atcha. x

  6. Shannon Ann- thank you...great to see you xos

    marie- you are so lucky to have all those redpolls...yes yes, send them our way....I love that quote by the way, it is all about remaining detached but still loving things xx

    prairiegirl- you always make us smile xoxoxo

  7. Hello!

    Well... first you shows us Gingerella and Mr Sweet pants in their Eden, surrounded by beautiful trees, plants and... a humming bird! Then, you and the cat boys tell us (through a passage) that we should not attach our hearts "unto the earth." But we love the earth, we love the cat boys, and the trees and the humming birds!

    Thank you for the reflection. I like the name "Gingerella!" It made me smile!



  8. Anna- you are so clever...every time I read this passage I think the same and then I think again...i think the meaning is not to not love the earth, it is to not be attached to it...I love your smily face...and Gingerella makes me laugh too hee hee sending you love

  9. Hello Mona

    A beautiful reading and message.
    In looking at boy cats and your beautiful garden, one is reminded to be grateful for what we have.
    I have been absent from blogging and it is good to be back

    Helen xx

  10. Beautiful foliage!! The cat looks like he's eyeing that hummingbird :)

  11. Gingerella ...heheh. cuddles to all! :)

  12. The backyard lions--oh how I love those boys. I saw that little cat tongue too and it was precious.

    To be honest Mona, I have trouble with verses like this. It's very hard to not love the earth, its people and animals when it is so beautiful. I'm sure there is deeper meaning that perhaps I'm not understanding.

    Have a great week with those frisky lions. :)