Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's about time that they studied equilibria!

I thought that for a change I should introduce the cat boys to some chemistry, tell them about those molecules and ions and reactions that occur everywhere. So I started sharing a bit on equilibria and the energetics thereof, the most fundamental of fundamentals, the everyday processes taking place in our bodies!
I explained that simply stated equlibria referred to differences in energy between the ground states joined by an activation barrier, and that there were rates associated with these equilibria. Not bad, is it?

I looked at Ollie and noticed the Vulcan ears, which means that he has no idea what I am saying

or perhaps he is trying to listen to Gussy who was sitting behind him hoping he would say something. August though was absorbed in his own world and was having a good time when

Ollie who could no longer take it walked over to him and whispermeowed in his ear...must be something naughty I am sure!

I felt this was a good intro for the cat boys; however, they craved their reflective readings and so we read:

"...From the fellowship and commingling of the elemental atoms life results. In their harmony and blending there is ever newness of existence. It is radiance, completeness; it is consummation; it is life itself. Just now the physical energies and natural forces which come under our immediate observation are all at peace. The sun is at peace with the earth upon which it shines. The soft breathing winds are at peace with the trees. All the elements are in harmony and equilibrium. A slight disturbance and discord among them might bring another San Francisco earthquake and fire. A physical clash, a little quarreling among the elements as it were, and a violent cataclysm of nature results. This happens in the mineral kingdom. Consider, then, the effect of discord and conflict in the kingdom of man, so superior to the realm of inanimate existence. How great the attendant catastrophe, ..." (promulgation of universal peace)

Boys prayed for elemental and fundamental harmony, love and peace, and sent off pawfuls of kitty kisses!



  1. What pretty little kitties! I have an orange one that looks very much like yours. He is very tiny. Almost an eternal kitten. He was born with a neurological condition and his growth is stunted. He walks like a Clydesdale horse. Despite his tiny physique, he has the LONGEST tail of all of our cats. : ) Quite the "greeter" of guests too!
    Hugs to those little guys!
    Health and happiness,

  2. Thank you Angela...you have aroused my curiosity, I hope you post his picture on your blog! I can imagine from the description that he puts a smile on your face and that he is as lovely as our doodles...we love them! Have a great day!


  3. Dear MrsLittleJeans!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my earrings;)
    You now participates with one ticket, and have the chance to win them.
    I have a google translator in the upper right corner of my blog if you're interested in reading a little;)

    Have a nice Easter!

    ps. Lovely cats you have. I absolutely love the red one;)
    What breed is it?
    I myself have two cats and love them.

  4. I hope that the cat boys realize what a brilliant mother they have! xo

  5. yes, scary smart! :)

    oh,my word verification is "noses"1

  6. Hehehe..... I adore your cats.
    They are very smart ;)

  7. I am hoping someday I can stay home and daydream and roll around while they go to school and do my work...then I would say that my efforts have paid off!

    Happy Easter everyone!


  8. Love that last picture in which the boys are chatting. Hope, my friend, that you and the boys have a weekend filled with harmony, energy, renewal and all the beauty of Spring.