Sunday, March 21, 2010

At their very own request

I share with you Augustus

and Ollie as they prepared to go out

to celebrate the astronomical vernal equinox which was first celebrated by the ancient Zoroastrians. I know, I know, I am as confused as you are; however, cat boys observe a lot of days of feline and human relevance!

Thank you whiskerkisses for getting their bow ties ready for this celebration...they were meowing me crazy!

We celebrated with abrazos, love and little kisses, in addition to catnip and kitty treats; we reflected upon our realities, our hopes and aspirations, and recommitted ourselves to the betterment of our world. We read:

At the time of the vernal equinox in the material world a wonderful vibrant energy and new life-quickening is observed everywhere in the vegetable kingdom; the animal and human kingdoms are resuscitated and move forward with a new impulse. The whole world is born anew, resurrected. Gentle zephyrs are set in motion, wafting and fragrant; flowers bloom; the trees are in blossom, the air temperate and delightful; how pleasant and beautiful become the mountains, fields and meadows. Likewise, the spiritual bounty and springtime of God quicken the world of humanity with a new animus and vivification. All the virtues which have been deposited and potential in human hearts are being revealed from that Reality as flowers and blossoms from divine gardens. It is a day of joy, a time of happiness, a period of spiritual growth...May you become as growing plants. May the trees of your hearts bring forth new leaves and variegated blossoms. May ideal fruits appear from them in order that the world of humanity, which has grown and developed in material civilization, may be quickened in the bringing forth of spiritual ideals...Promulgation of Universal Peace

Cat boys send pawfuls of kisses and heart loads of love!



  1. Oh my gosh! Look that the bowties! So cute. Big smile on my face seeing this. Thanks, MLJ! Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks may need one for your family : )

  3. Ah ha!
    This explains Miss Drooke's insistence on wearing blush and lace gloves...The circle dances too I suppose.
    Oh boys, you do dress up so well...

  4. Yes, I am sure that's it Andrea...I like to see the circle dances though : )


  5. The boy's look so very handsome! Thank you for sharing their photos:) Twiggy is a little partial to orange boys, but thinks they are both the cat's meow!

  6. They look so darn handsome - and wondrous reading, as usual :)

  7. Sooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!! Please give them hugs and kisses from me.
    I missed you much!

  8. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my little blog! Your kitties are beautiful....
    Health and happiness to you,
    PS. I have 4 cats.....Love them to death : )

  9. LBR, we all so missed you! XOXOXO

    Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by...You are a lucky lady, lovely daughters and 4 cats!!!