Sunday, March 28, 2010

On this beautiful Sunday morning los gatos and I

stood and stared! We were in the present but unable to act!
Here's Ollie giving the up-down look to Mr Squirrel...

and the squirrel who is giving the up-down look to Ollie!

And Ollie again...easy focus!

And Mademoiselle Dove taking a sideway peek...

And Ollie again pondering what action would be most suited...
And little Augustus simply being there in the moment!
Well...the only thought that came to me was of peace and blessings and why was it that none of us was able to do something! We ran home and read this:

"Know that the blessings... are not dependent upon the capacity and the worthiness of any one; the blessings themselves are the worthiness. As the action itself, when it reaches the thing acted upon, makes that thing the action, -- so the blessings themselves then become identical with worthiness. In like manner, when the action itself descends upon the recipient, the recipient becomes the action. For example, when an object becomes broken, the action becomes realized in it. Under such circumstances, the recipient and that which is received -- or capacity and blessings -- are one. Therefore the blessings ... are not enchained by any fetters..." Promulgation of Universal Peace

Wishing all a beautiful Monday and when those kitty kisses leave this post, they will have already become action!



  1. A beautiful Monday to you as well. (And that Ollie has focus for sure).

  2. Beautiful indeed. And it is so nice to meet some of los gatos amigos. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day.
    Hope you are having a lovely Monday.

  3. J- hope you have a great Christmas!

    Alicia- my photography sucks but I love you for the complements! : )

    LBR- yes, the amigos are quite special but los gatos prefer to make a meal out of them (I am wishing for an editorial for your post)


  4. Wishing you and yours a wonderful week! xo

  5. I love the idea of "worthy"...Am I worthy of Ollie's kisses...In receiving Augustus' am I the action or the kiss itself? Imagine me a cat kiss.... Smelly but lovely. At least as far as most cat kisses go perhaps your boys use breath mints. ;)
    Where do you come up with these quotes? And matching the action to the quote or is the quote already the action?
    I am not worthy (or smart enough!) to ponder this anymore!
    * my word verification is 'expuss'* quite current thank you!

  6. Andrea, you are worthiness through and through and it is already you, in action!
    Since you asked, I brush kittie's teeth at nights and wash their little faces too, Ollie gets a good brushing and sometimes I have to wash their little paws too! Then before they go to bed, i give them a little squeeze of chicken flavored toothpaste! Can you tell I am busy at nights?
    And further, Augustus picks the readings...those kitties!