Monday, November 9, 2009


Late last night this little dude was trying to stay awake so he could read but no luck...his eyes would not stay open.

He caved in. He will read later.

Early early in the morning the other little fellow saw a crow and he thought he could reach it if he climbed on a car.

I had to beg him to come down as I knew the owner of the BMW would not want a cat on his car.

The cat boys are growing. Augustus appears to be going through cat puberty and foofs a lot. Ollie is becoming more clingy to mommie cat?!

I wanted to read Faulkner but no one would listen. So I meditated on this, alone:

O My Servant! Thou art even as a finely tempered sword concealed in the darkness of its sheath and its value hidden from the artificer's knowledge. Wherefore come forth from the sheath of self and desire that thy worth may be made resplendent and manifest unto all the world.(Hidden Words)

Buenas Noches + little cat kisses to all!


  1. Sleepy cats last night who couldn't stay awake - just like me....xv

  2. I am looking like the first photo now - trying to keep my eyes open! Hope you are having a good week. xo

  3. What book was he reading? Maybe it was a soporific and induced sleep against his will.

    LOVE the crow picture. When Lily and I walk she loves to chase crows. They always are too fast for her to catch them.

    Happy Wednesday, Gorgeous you!

  4. : )
    I think he is like his lazy mom who finds most books soporific!
    Glad to hear Lily is well. The crows are suddenly here too and they chase the cats around.

    Now I am happy, after hearing from you.xox

  5. ...kitty purrs, snores & pawprints...just a few of my favorite things...

  6. You named all of my favorites... : )