Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes united..other times Not...


and Nice

would occasionally unite

to admire

this little dude..."Sigh", they meowed in unison, "he is so pretty!"

We managed to squeeze in a little reading on the important theme of UNITY. The cat boys were pleased.

"Unity is not, that is, merely a condition resulting from a sense of mutual goodwill and common purpose, however profound and sincerely held such sentiments may be, any more than an organism is a product of some fortuitous and amorphous association of various elements.
Unity is a phenomenon of creative power, whose existence becomes apparent through the effects that collective action produces and whose absence is betrayed by the impotence of such efforts. However handicapped it often has been by ignorance and perversity, this force has been the primary influence driving the advancement of civilization, generating legal codes, social and political institutions, artistic works, technological achievements without end, moral breakthroughs, material prosperity, and long periods of public peace whose afterglow lived in the memories of subsequent generations as imagined "golden ages". ...
(Century of Light)

The doodles wish all unity in all endeavours and send eveyone pawfuls of kisses to start off this Monday morning...



  1. What a beautiful and true quote, and what lovely kitty kisses!!!

  2. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and the boys!!

  3. Love to see them together!

    Hope you have a very happy and unified Thanksgiving.

  4. Thank you ladies...and the boys say MEOW!

  5. Your cats are positively huggable (squeezable). Love those pictures, especially the basket on the fridge and the unison one, hee hee.

  6. Thank you Alicia...they send you pure love!

    Happy Thanksgiving!