Friday, August 9, 2013

hunter thighs and legs

We wish we could share tales of grand excursions to the Serengeti, of accompanying big ferocious animals, of courage and chivalry, of great scientific discoveries, and so on.

Sadly, all we can share is a pile of mess.  One side of this white complex is dug up for repairs that are not approved by cat boys.
Nope, Augustus does not like this mess
and neither does Ollie.

But let's focus on these gorgeous thighs...
that I had photographed days ago.

Magnificent Hunter Thighs that I like to kiss and tickle.

Mr Sweet Pants

Mr Puffy Pants

And so this morning after going through the mess of the courtyard, and thankfully not remembering last year's projects that tore up other parts of the white complex, we went to the back garden of many delights where certain birds were awaiting their hunters.

Gussy looked up and sang a few come hither notes.
Ollie looked too wishing to attract them with his supernatural beauty.

The birds were not about to land while those hunter legs and thighs were sitting around warming up for a chase.
The day was beautiful.
Mr Sweet Pants did not mind waiting.
Neither did Mr Puffy Pants.

“Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder 'why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand.” 
― Kurt VonnegutCat's Cradle

Cat boys sent you love and pawfuls of kisses.  Ciao everyone!


  1. Though you seem to have long repairs at your building, there always seems to be exciting places to go.
    What time of the day were these pictures taken?
    So sunny and the blue sky, wonderful.
    Happy to read, that no real hunting ever happened.
    Btw - do your boys manage to catch prey ever?
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Dear Mette...oh, that is a very stressful thing for us. The complex was built in the 80s and so by US standards the building is old.
    The pictures were taken around 6:45 a.m. when the sun finally comes out. When the boys go out in the morning it is still dark at little after 5.
    The cat boys have caught mice mostly and one squirrel once that Augustus brought in the house alive. He ran off. Hope you have a great weekend too. xx

  3. those amazing boys and their hunter legs and thighs.
    don't you just want to gobble them up?!?!


  4. I'm surprised they didn't look at the pile of sand and think it's a supersized litterbox. My Rufus would probably jump in an dig holes. He loves to dig around his litter box making mounds and holes. Crazy kitty!

  5. Nice to have "hunter legs and thighs" applied to cats - Lord knows advertisers think human's have that type of thing.

    Enchanting blog - as ever!

  6. No! Not the wheel barrow! Not the big pile of dirt! No!
    We know, cats do not like change. Disruptions. Obstacles that aren't suppose to be there.
    We love their furry thighs. And Mr. Sweet Pants, what a looong tail you have!!
    During the renovation, I blow prairie kisses to you all! Xxxx

  7. cute looking up!

    There's construction around our building right now,'s been a summer-long project, and will hopefully be finished soon. It'll be nice to have the road unblocked and a bit less noise.

  8. coffeeaddict_ I was surprised too because they usually do but I suspect the soil did not smell right and there were big stick and stones in there..they are very particular ...hope you have a great week xx

    Mrs Gnat- thank you for your love and kindness xx

    PrairieGirl- we all sure wish we were on your prairies and we take your kisses...disruptions are extremely annoying and that is not an exaggeration...wishing you a beautiful week xx

    Hannah- glad yours is coming to an end...this is the second year for us where we live in contant construction, either the complex or all the renovations...we almost feel we live in a hard hat zone ....wishing you a quieter week

  9. Gorgeous legs and thighs! (no matter how chippendale that sounds lol) they really don't like all these new potential toys? I have to drag mine away from building sites! :D ... and I thought I was an early bird for getting up at 5:45! :D

  10. It's always amusing to watch my Baxter hunt. Jupiter doesn't hunt at all...he's not quite feline, apparently.

    Beautiful as always!

    -Adrienne sorry your comment got lost on my last blog post! I did read it and appreciate you stopping by~


  11. Coffeeaddict took the words right outta my mouth! My cats would think that's a litterbox lox

  12. Hi Mona, I hope all is well and that the repairs are finished up now. The boys do seem rather intrigued by it all, don't they? Take care.