Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What happens in our household while we are away....

Here's Augustus...

and here's Ollie!

They also read together,

and meditate!

"...whosoever engageth in a craft, should endeavour to acquire in it utmost proficiency. Should he do so, that craft becometh a form of worship."
Star of the West

Cat boys do not engage in crafts yet; however, they do enjoys crafts, especially those from Robyn who runs a mouse factory!

Wishing all a lovely evening and pawfuls of cat kisses!



  1. That's how I like to meditate too. But generally the tabby is climbing on me while I'm sprawled out! Ha! Love the kitties! Only a true cat person could understand.....we are just staff!,

  2. So true Amanda, I am the full time staff, no pay, just get nuzzles and bites! xo

  3. I have missed checking up on the blogs and the recent cat boy adventures. they are simply too much. I finally moved and I am trying to catch up on everything! have a great end of the week xx

  4. Looks like they have fun! Thanks for the sweet comment. xx

  5. Lovely Mountaindreamers- congratulations on the move..now time to relax, enjoy and write! See you soon xox

    Alicia, Robyn is awesome and the mice are delicious. I am envious of you having two new kittens but won't let my boys find out...xoxo

    Thanks Anne and happy week to you! xo