Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reflections out of Garden Pots...

Kitties had selected a reading especially to be read while they sat in their garden pots.
Here's an Ollie bush
and here is Augustus, all ears, waiting.
A focused Ollie.
A super-focused Augustus!
Augustus giving me the look, which means, stop with the pictures and read!
And so I read:

".. from these spiritual realities infer truths about the material world. For physical things are signs and imprints of spiritual things; every lower thing is an image and counterpart of a higher thing. Nay, earthly and heavenly, material and spiritual, accidental and essential, particular and universal, structure and foundation, appearance and reality and the essence of all things, both inward and outward -- all of these are connected one with another and are interrelated in such a manner that you will find that drops are patterned after seas, and that atoms are structured after suns in proportion to their capacities and potentialities. For particulars in relation to what is below them are universals, and what are great universals in the sight of those whose eyes are veiled are in fact particulars in relation to the realities and beings which are superior to them. Universal and particular are in reality incidental and relative considerations..." Tablet of Universe

I looked to see what kitties thought of this reading. Gussy gave me the r-u-kidding look, we don't understand incidental or universal!!!
Ollie was upside down sticking his tongue out!

Nothing like frankness even if expressed like the Jet Blue host!

Kitties collected themselves, filled their soft furry paws with kisses and blew them in the air in unison!

Happy Thursday Evening...the weekend is coming!



  1. ...why, how incidental & universal they look...

  2. Maybe they were giving you looks 'cause they already know this stuff! :)

  3. Upside down Ollie!!! I love how your garden grows.

  4. Ladies, ladies, you could not be more right...I am blown away by them and by your love!