Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

Mr Puffy Pants is ready to roll!
Augustus said that he will close his eyes and when he opens them it better be the weekend.

"Nah, not yet!"
We had to read ON THE EXCELLENCE OF CONTENTMENT from the Gulistan of Saadi:

"Story 1
A Maghrabi supplicant said in Aleppo in the row of linen-drapers:
'Lords of wealth, if you were just and we contented, the trade of
begging would vanish from the world.'

O contentment, make me rich
For besides thee no other wealth exists.
Loqman selected the corner of patience.
Who has no patience has no wisdom."

After this reading doodles agreed that they would be content and wait gracefully like gentlecats. They filled their paws with kisses that were blown in the air for your day.

Have a lovely Friday! Ciao!


  1. Oh, ♥! Their cat faces are so lovable~ It's Friday now and I hope it's a grand one for you and the boys.



  2. We have a Mr. Puffy Pants too! :) Happy weekend to you and the kitties!


  3. Thanks you guys...Julie, I would love to see your Puffy Pants : ) Wishing you ladies the loveliest weekend! xoxo

  4. Yes feeling quite content today. Thank you kitties and Mrs J for reminding us to keep the important things in the front row.

    xo and happy cool weekend wishes!

  5. Cute shots.....I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, xv.