Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trained by two smart cat boys...

My furry trainers have me get out of bed before 5 a.m. This morning when my eyes opened I saw Mr Sweet Pants sitting next to the clock with his paw pointing in the direction of the red digits on the face of the alarm clock...4:55 a.m. Mr Puffy Pants was waiting for cues from his big brother.

I got up all the while thinking how did this all happen, exactly when did they gain the upper paw?

Cat boys set out delighted to be the first inspectors of the now calm courtyard. There was the morning fog, little bird sounds here and there, squirrels rubbing their eyes and getting out of their beds just like me. The land was theirs...no humans just yet.

Once the terrain appeared to be safe they came for me. I served them snacks while reading to them and took them to new territories. Today we went deep into the back yard, the place only wild animals go. There was a lot of excitement. While they explored I played for them wild bird songs on my iphone.

Look at them look at me! Hee hee, they are wondering how I am making such incredible sounds.

Mr Sweet Pants gave a side look to

Mr Puffy Pants!  They exchanged glances that meant something to them.

Back from that quick excursion they took a little breather to hear what was on the reading list!

I only shared with them one thing, and one thing alone:

"Human reality is bounded by the limits set in the mind.:- (Creating a New Mind-Paul Lample)

We set back towards the condo when we encountered one of our sassy squirrels!

Ollie who has removed all barriers of the mind did not waste time to ask why, how, when and what.  He went straight for the squirrel wasting no time...

Nothing like a good morning chase...

Cat boys made you kisses and prayed that a squirrel appears on your path today to focus your mental energies!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Poor squirrel!!!!!! He should be scared of hunters! =)

  2. He should be but he is not!!! The squirrels in our condo are very sassy! xx

  3. Your cats have so much personality! Are they a special breed or just a wonderful mix? All my cats have been taken in and they make the best pets!

  4. those boys!!

    [i accept your prayers of a squirrel to focus my mental energies!!]


  5. red digits, upper paw, paw pointed, love the detail; you write well!

  6. Squirrels! Squirrels for everyone! Our squirrels are the main attraction around our patio, they are all called "chucker". Sherpa and Skye love Chucker...well, when he's sitting on a branch, anyway! I adore your cat's antics!

  7. Ah, such a sweet morning. I think that squirrel was teasing the boys. One of these days, he's going to be sorry.

    Please Puffy and Sweet a big kiss from me.

  8. Dear Sanda, these cat boys are mixes...we detect american short hair in one and maine in the other...cats do make incredible pet companions...wishing you a lovely weekend ( I am so tardy in replying)

    marie- xx

    glorious gnat- I love your encouragement

    Prairie girl- everytime I hear your name I want to head out to the prairie- thank you for your visit...you have incredible names for your creatures...happy weekend to you

  9. That squirrel seems to really want to make friends with Ollie. I hope they'll end up being friends :)

    Send kisses!

  10. lol, what drama! Love the stills of those tiny squirrel paws - I would not be surprised if he really was teasing, along with magpies, they really seem to enjoy teasing cats. monsters. :p

    "Human reality is bounded by the limits set in the mind." This lifted the spirit today. :)