Thursday, July 26, 2012

Habits of thought

The sky above us is sometimes very jagged but thankfully we are all very brave.
This early morning silence ruled.  Cat boy movements were gentle enough to not move the molecules of nature.  Conversations were of the silent sort.
Only glances were allowed.
At the very moment seen above we were discussing themes of great significance; those habits of thought that formed our reality.

The cat boys appeared very inquisitive, they were asking me hundreds of questions silently but I did not know how to answer them silently!
I told them to focus and they did!
I saw them as a little baby lion and a little baby jaguar, busy discussing amongst themselves!
Was I imagining? Was it too early in the morning?
They assumed new positions
and made little sweet scenery for me.
I did not have any thoughts in my head except for one- the thought of wanting to kiss these babes.

I had to go to work.  The sky above was still jagged but my heart was filled with joy.

We three pondered about this.

A habit of thought prevalent to our Western society is to think of life in terms of events and activities. While events and activities are great and should be remembered yet much of life, our lives at least, happens in between events. It is spent in processes, processes of growth, of learning, of becoming.
For example, I have been noticing that the cat boys are ever becoming lions and jags. This I have to fear, maybe a little bit at least, while I also celebrate with great pride.

Where are you with this? Do you spend your life in conscious processes or in both or in events?  How does each state make you feel?

Mr Lion and Mr Jag sent you pawfuls of kisses and their very best wishes.  They shared with you this.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Very well said - "our lives happens in between events, in the processes of growth, of learning, of becoming." I strive to always be aware, and to live in the moment, whatever is happening, for it is of such stuff that our lives are made. Kisses to Mr. Jag and Mr. Lion. Wish me luck tomorrow, as my sister and I are taking our five "kittens" to the vet for spaying/neutering. Catching them and getting into the cat carriers will be the challenge of the day!!

  2. I get up before the events take place and smooth the jaggety sky out before I begin, this is how I go from one event to the next, then I do the same the next day. that's my rhythm.

    The lion and jaguar are stunning as always, silence is my favorite event :)


  3. Being in the quiet of the moment is where I seem to be these days, with gratitude.
    Those morphing kitties got it going on!

  4. Great photos, they have such pretty eyes, those CB's! Have a nice weekend, Mona! xo

  5. Sanda- we try to do that too, and I wish you heaps of luck...5 kitties!!! Sending you love.

    Ro- you crack me up...we love you

    ShannonAnn- gratitude in silence sounds like a bit of paradise to me xxx

    Anne- thank you, you too xx

  6. OMG! Great place, great snoopervisors! Have a great weekend!

  7. I agree, you may have to take out a special linece if you want to keep lions in the house! So so sweet! :)

  8. not a writer? not a writer?

    I rest my case.

  9. Marilia- I like that...they are snoopervisors, have a great weekend!

    Nancy- I love your unexpected visitor : )

    Glorious gnat- you are too kind, and you know it. xx

  10. Life is happening too fast these days, the trend of being busy, always busy is expanding to alarmingly unhealthy proportions. So to quote one of my favourites: God rests in reason and moves in passion from Gibran.
    We need to be reminded of this more often.

  11. Oh, how I LOVE your babies. I've got two similar. I am a daydreamer and have my head in the clouds when not at work. Because I'm always "on" at my job, there is so much activity, so much variety, when I walk out that door at the end of the day, my focus is on what birds or animals I will see on my bike ride home. I find America is too busy, and not enough people take time to ponder the bigger picture, the in betweens are so much more important, and necessary. I'm so glad I stopped by!

  12. Events...processes. You've given me something to ponder, MLJ, as you usually do. I'll get back to you.

    The cat boys are indeed a lion and jaguar in the making. Loves them.



  13. Anna- thank you for the reminder...what does one do? I had to look up Gibran and enjoy that passage xx

    prairie girl- America is indeed too busy...a bike ride home sounds like the perfect solution; we will visit shortly xx

    Adrienne- xxx