Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday's Recapitulation...Sibling Rivalries!

Ollie....naughty naughty!

Augustus has injured paw!


I thought one worried about sibling rivalries if they had kids!?!? Apparently this is not necessarily so. This past Sunday was all about sibling rivalries at our home. Our little redhead Ollie (actually he is big) is very jealous, and that could be OK but unfortunately he acts on it. It is not just grumbles and looks when we pay attention to Augustus. He finds every opportunity to lunge at him, with his entire 14 pound body. The poor baby cannot control his emotions. I think this is also why he overeats and snacks so much.

I think he needs therapy, perhaps. I spend time reasoning with him but it does not seem to be working. Last night I told my husband that I can see that Ollie clearly wants to express himself but he does not understand long sentences spoken back to him. When he sees a fly or sth that concerns him he makes gurgly noises until we go and check it out, the questioning look on his face, but when we explain he says, 'what?'. I often have to act out the answer, such as, squish the bug, which means not to worry, this is harmless.

Well, this is not exactly what was on my mind this morning at 5:30 but it just came out as I was thinking about yesterday and how I have so much so very very much to do today.

Wishing all a full productive day!


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