Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should we play at 4 a.m.?


Ollie Bird

It must be the changing season or maybe the vitamin-packed tuna that Ollie-bird is eating but his energy levels are high these days. A couple of nights ago I had to punish him at 4 a.m. because he started wrestling with Augustus for no apparent reason, and it is tough to sleep in the midst of cat screams, flying objects and airborne felines. So, I get up, eyes shut, and throw him in the bathroom and lock the door- there. Augustus of course has to instantly plead his case by standing at the door, giving little meows, and trying to get him out.
'Nope, that shall not happen', I said.

Well, here we are again...3 a.m., and little ginger snap is at it again, only this time he attacks Augustus and runs to the bathroom door himself- he knows what he has done and is ready to be locked in. I told him that I was not falling for that trick. Your cat mom is many feline years ahead of you.
So it goes, every moment is an opportunity to play, and every punishment is turned into a game.

And, this my friends has to be the lesson for my today, to turn what appears to be difficulties into opportunities.
I will take this up later with Augs the smart cat a bit later but for now the three of us wish you a good Wednesday!


PS. I will try to remember to give you information on the feline tuna, in case you own sluggish cats


  1. I love your writing, your way with words, as much as your cats' escapades! Both bring delight.

    Here's to a good night's sleep for you tonight!


  2. Thanks Kristin! I can tell you that they would have loved to meet zig and zag.

    Love to your mom!