Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What follows...

When I see this scene

I am generally pretty sure that the sequence was triggered by a fluffy orange tail, no need to name any names.

And when I see this confrontative arrangement

I guess that earlier some meows were exchanged

that may have preceded or led to this:

However, always, they try to kiss and make up, which explains this tight hug!

Later on indoors and before this happens

we read this

"O banished and faithful friend! Quench the thirst of heedlessness with the sanctified waters of My grace, and chase the gloom of remoteness through the morning-light of My Divine presence. Suffer not the habitation wherein dwelleth My undying love for thee to be destroyed through the tyranny of covetous desires, and overcloud not the beauty of the heavenly Youth with the dust of self and passion. Clothe thyself with the essence of righteousness, and let thine heart be afraid of none except God. Obstruct not the luminous spring of thy soul with the thorns and brambles of vain and inordinate affections, and impede not the flow of the living waters that stream from the fountain of thine heart. Set all thy hope in God, and cleave tenaciously to His unfailing mercy. Who else but Him can enrich the destitute, and deliver the fallen from his abasement?

O My servants! Were ye to discover the hidden, the shoreless oceans of My incorruptible wealth, ye would, of a certainty, esteem as nothing the world, nay, the entire creation..."

while Gustopher smilingly reflects
then he does this.

I know at some point out there they made kisses in haste to send your way. Hope you caught some because they are rare on these very busy days!



  1. I caught mine!!

    So missed seeing you on this trip south: you are adored :) xoxoxox

  2. oh, those kitty kisses are making me feel better already! :)

  3. Allison- I was majorly bummed, only consoled knowing that you will come back! Enjoy Monterey...you brought to my mind fun memories! xoxo

    kerin- kitty smooches are the best, those soft pink luscious lips are designed for delivering love xoxo

  4. Oh, you are so good at photographing those jumps. Or leaps.

    Yes, meows most definitely preceded those looks.



  5. Okay I was too distracted by the wonderful pictures to read....but the action shots, the hugs the adorable cat naps filled me up.


  6. susan- you know that people think I am crazy chasing those boys...xoxo

    Ro-the kitties have mastered visual communication, they can make do things they want with just one gaze xoxo

  7. Oh my heavens those two are so cute! Puffy pants looks just utterly pooped! But I guess Augustus keeps him busy!

  8. GAH.

    Fluffy piles of cats. Amazing.

    Thank you so sincerely for supporting my writing. I appreciate it greatly.

  9. Again. What can I say? Truly wonderful pictures of your pussycats. Thank you for sharing them.

  10. Those first three shots....sublime.........

  11. how fitting to have a reading start with "....chase...." when that is exactly what the boys were up to....

  12. That cuddling pic is cute! Have a great week, Mona. xo