Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our soft skies...

We adore these soft skies for no particular reason, we just do.
Augustus made a little perky pose when he saw the camera in my hand.
Ollie was pretty agreeable too and made his own pose.
Of course when I saw the huddle I knew that kitty plots were under way and so I ran away.
This time I read alone...

"The spirit is sanctified from association, departure, nearness, remoteness, connection and separation, for these are of the properties of material bodies and of the characteristics of the elementary facts; but the Spirit is everlastingly in the station of its loftiness and supremacy in a similar way to the sun which is continually stationed in its sphere orbit; its appearance and disappearance signify the clearness of the place and the firmness of the body which is facing it, and as long as the confronting surface continues to be in a well polished condition, the lights of the sun will then appear in it; but when it becometh rough and impure the lights disappear." (Abdul Baha)

When I later regrouped with the doodles late in the evening they made kisses for everyone and blew them in the air. A big one for Sylvester who is off in Winnipeg too!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Gorgeous California sky and palm shot, perky and furry kitties, thoughtful reading.

    Have a wonderful firedrillfree day Mona. xo

  2. How did your doodles manage to fill up the sky with cotton balls? They are so talented :-)

  3. ....when it becometh rough and impure the lights disappear....

    thank you and the higher power for that reminder. [smile]

    sweet photo of plotting cat dudes.


  4. the looks on les boy's faces suggests the spirit of... those skies...yikes!

  5. Ro- wishing you a lovely day fire drills, only sleepy sleepy! xoxo

    Susan- our doodles are very talented, they romp around and throw cotton balls around : )

    marie marie- the photo is sweet but the plots are tricky and I am glad you enjoyed the read xox

    Nancy- les boys are trouble through and through...they wish they could put their soft pads on the snow, they wish they could follow some tracks..alas it is too warm already xoxo

  6. Soft skies, soft tails and gentle words. I'm noticing a theme.-)

  7. LBR- you never fail to amaze us with your observations, we love them! xxoo

  8. Those two are just adorable!!