Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here comes the sun, du du dudu...

Cat dudes decided to sing for you

this tune to celebrate the sliver of sun that was peaking through the clouds. Enjoy!

"Consider again the sun when it is completely hidden behind the clouds. Though the earth is still illumined with its light, yet the measure of light which it receiveth is considerably reduced. Not until the clouds have dispersed, can the sun shine again in the plenitude of its glory. Neither the presence of the cloud nor its absence can, in any way, affect the inherent splendor of the sun. The soul of man is the sun by which his body is illumined, and from which it draweth its sustenance, and should be so regarded..." (Gleanings)

The cat boys also sent you kisses, and here's them watching the kisses blow away in the air!

Ciao everyone!


  1. I will email you on Etsy...maybe maybe?

  2. MY soul resides in the clouds and the dove gray skies. I'm tired of the sun let it shine somewhere else for a while though I do appreciate you're felines singing voices.

    *sweet shots as always


  3. Ha ha, Ro, you are funny! You too would want the sun if you lived in our leaky home! However, I do understand the love of clouds, I too cannot get tired of them, as long as they make new shapes! xoxo

  4. Ro , you can send me your excess sun...pleeeeeze!...
    thank you for this sunshiny musical interlude, Ms. Mona et les chats!


  5. kerin, I was just told that we went from 50s when I left this morning to 80s and I was not aware as I reside in the underground lab....I can see why Ro would need less sun and you need more...will be shooting you some sunny rays...xoxo

  6. ....and i was singing right along with ollie and augustus....

    the readings always *speak* to me. the hidden meanings: so poetic, so spiritual.


  7. marie- singing, reading, you and the cat boys would make a great team..glad you liked the reading! xoxo

  8. No sun here I'm afraid.

    Love that song. Thanks for the memory!


  9. If the kitty boys were to form a tribute band, I'm fairly certain Ollie would be Ringo.

  10. Susan- the sun is being bashful...keep singing that song and it will come xo

    kelly- just this morning I was thinking about this- he would be a distracted Ringo, a mouse in sight and there goes the tune xoxo

  11. i'm singing so much i can't think of what to write...
    it's alright, du du du, du du du, du du du, du...dododododooooooooooooooooooo!

  12. cruising thru enjoying the kitty boys again, have been surviving winter. ; )

  13. Oh look at puffy pants! He has really been stealing the show giving Auggie a run for his money. hehe

  14. Oh Nancy, you should be here leading the choir...du du du du

    Mountaindreamers- I often think about you...glad you are well

    Amanda- I agree, Ollie does not give up and Gussy remains quiet...xoxo