Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wondering, readjusting, connecting...

So much has happened in such a short time! This is what we were thinking standing under these beautiful blades!
Augustus wondering
Augustus adjusting
Ollie connecting
Ollie adjusting

We read this ...

"The perfume is intimately commingled and blended with the bud, and once the bud hath opened the sweet scent of it is spread abroad. The herb is not without its fruit, although it seemeth so, for in this garden of God every plant exerteth its own influence and hath its own properties, and every plant can even match the laughing, hundred-petalled rose in rejoicing the sense with its fragrance. Be thou assured of this. Although the pages of a book know nothing of the words and the meanings traced upon them, even so, because of their connection with these words, friends pass them reverently from hand to hand. This connection, furthermore, is purest bounty..." Selections

I asked Ollie to make kisses and so he did. Gussy sent his best wishes!

Wishing you a peaceful week! Ciao!


  1. Closed-eye cat smiles right back at you.

  2. I love the image of friends passing the words hand to hand.

    Kisses from our kitties to yours!

  3. Such beautiful creatures! Sau sends her kiss to Ollie today.

  4. purest bounty, dear mona, ollie, augustus: i am *most* grateful for my connection with you.

    sending love to you.

    [sweet photo of ollie, looks like he's getting ready to purse-up and blow that kiss....!]


  5. From my garden to yours may we all be planted in peace......xo

  6. Dear lovely friends, thank you for your visit...we were absent ailments and other things too! xoxo