Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roaming the savannah...

that is what we did one early morning last week. We quietly walked down the street when it was still dark, we went to the fenced lot, I opened the gate just enough for ginger to squeeze through and Gustopher followed...they roamed the savannah (our savannah is an abandoned lot where a home used to stand before it burned down mysteriously).

When I told Ollie that it was time to leave he knew that it was time to leave. We headed back up the street to our own savannah, perhaps more orderly, and certainly more private.

Ollie camouflaged himself in the tall grass, he did so skillfully by hopping in the middle of the pile from afar.
"Nobody can see me!", that is what he was thinking, I know.
Gustopher played along, "I cannot see a huge orange cat in sight", he meowed.
Ollie was so proud.
While trying to remain camouflaged Ollie became distracted with the fresh blades of grass.
Gussy sat up high on the wall for a better vantage point.
We played our pretend games, sometimes we have to. I told them about William Sears who really did live in the Savannah, or pretty close to it. We later watched this, one of his old time children's shows that happens to be very suited for cats too, and we finally ended our daily get together by reading and reflecting on one of his public addresses.

"Let us no longer remain a society of nuclear giants and spiritual midgets. Let us be at last children of God and not of men." Public Address, Bill Sears, London 1963
The cat boys were thrilled and naturally moved to fill their paws with kisses, which they dispersed in the air.

That day, as today, we wished and wish everyone a lovely day. May a cat kiss land on your face.



  1. "The cat boys were thrilled and naturally moved to fill their paws with kisses, which they dispersed in the air."

    Naturally, I just filled the air with a huge guffaw!
    Loved this post. Your cats have a beautiful life.

  2. Jillian, I think this is the first time that I have been quoted. I should have tried to say something profound. : )

  3. :)

    One landed on my cheek leaving the faintest mark...A beauty mark in the shape of cat lips...

    XO to you lot!

  4. Andrea, Ha ha...nothing like the imprint of cat lips on a lady's cheeks...that is definitely a good luck mark and will peek the curiosity of many xoxo

  5. Oh, cute kitties. I love how cats play "Invisible Kitty" while hiding behind something much smaller than them...it's always the big kitties who do this!

  6. Love the picture of Ollie with the bluebells!

  7. You really make their personalities evident.

    How do you get them back home? I've been told herding cats is not easy ;)

  8. Hannah, so true...that Ollie is totally oblivious to his immense size! xo

    Emmy- I agree, that color goes well with Ollie's ginger coat...too bad I cannot dress him up xo

    Ro- they actually would follow me around all day if I stayed home, I feel I have two furry shadows...problem arises when a bird or mouse or squirrel shows up! xo

  9. Oh, that one with Ollie and the blue flowers is perfect!

    My little feral boy likes to crawl under a blanket to be invisible, then feigns surprise when I pet him through the covers. Like hey, how did you know I was here?

  10. they went home when you were ready? they actually followed your lead??? they follow you????
    are you sure they are cats?

    in the previous post, the picture of the hug...
    amazing cats.

  11. kisses readily accepted by those boys...oh yeah.

  12. where's ollie?
    i still don't see him.

    love it that the cat dudes take walks with you. i once had a siamese who did just that: rode in the truck, got out, walked around with me, got back in when it was time to leave.

    *always* appreciate the reading.


  13. Susan- the hide under the cover game is splendid. Gussy always looks at the big Ollie lump and is always surprised when Ollie pops out. Kisses to you and your cats.

    Editor-I always feel I am being watched by two cats. Even stranger cats follow me, which is great annoyance to our cats.. xoxo

    Nancy- you know how delicious cat kisses are! xoxo

    marie- I don't see him either. I always tell him that. Wishing you a great Wednesday dear marie xoxo