Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bubba Guss, the master gardener, and his assistant in puffy pants

One day last week, maybe even two weeks ago, I witnessed the cat boys gardening. Sure, I am always surprised when I make such discoveries but I don't let them know. From all appearances, Gussy was the master gardener, and Ollie, Mr Puffy Pants, was doing all the work.

Gussy instructed Ollie to dig a hole so he could plants some azaleas.
Here's Ollie making a hole in the tough root bound soil.
"Success at last!", he said but he was not sure what the purpose of the hole was. He used it as his outdoor litter box.
Gussy noting that gave him a look and a grunt.
Little Puffy Pants was next sent to fetch some water and water he found but he was not sure how to carry it.
Gussy noted the problem and decided that perhaps they should go back and play a little bit.
So that is exactly what they did, they played the peek-a-boo game for a bit.

Well, all this fun and excitement was great but no two semi-cultured cats would call it a day without reading.
I hastily selected a reading that dealt with flowers and garden so as to praise their intentions and efforts. We read this:

And when you pass by a garden wherein vegetable beds and plants, flowers and fragrant herbs are all combined so as to form a harmonious whole, this is an evidence that this plantation and this rose garden have been cultivated and arranged by the care of a perfect gardener, while when you see a garden in disorder, lacking arrangement and confused, this indicates that it has been deprived of the care of a skillful gardener, nay, rather, it is nothing but a mass of weeds. It has therefore been made evident that fellowship and harmony are indicative of the training by the real Educator, while separation and dispersion prove wildness and deprivation of Divine training.

Should any one object that, since the communities and nations and races and peoples of the world have different formalities, customs, tastes, temperaments, morals, varied thoughts, minds and opinions, it is therefore impossible for ideal unity to be made manifest and complete union among men to be realized, we say that differences are of two kinds: One leads to destruction, and that is like the difference between warring peoples and competing nations who destroy one another, uproot each other's families, do away with rest and comfort and engage in bloodshed and rapacity. That is blameworthy. But the other difference consists in variation. This is perfection itself and the cause of the appearance of Divine bounty. Consider the flowers of the rose garden. Although they are of different kinds, various colors and diverse forms and appearances, yet as they drink from one water, are swayed by one breeze and grow by the warmth and light of one sun, this variation and this difference cause each to enhance the beauty and splendor of the others. The differences in manners, in customs, in habits, in thoughts, opinions and in temperaments is the cause of the adornment of the world of mankind. This is praiseworthy. Likewise this difference and this variation, like the difference and variation of the parts and members of the human body, are the cause of the appearance of beauty and perfection. As these different parts and members are under the control of the dominant spirit, and the spirit permeates all the organs and members, and rules all the arteries and veins, this difference and this variation strengthen love and harmony and this multiplicity is the greatest aid to unity.
Ollie really enjoyed this reading as you can tell from his smile.

The cat boys then readily filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air wishing that each and everyone would be caught by one gorgeous individual.

Wishing all a great Wednesday...Ciao!


  1. I can see those two are in the making for master gardener status, tending gardens of love, harmony and unity.
    xo back to you Gus and Puffy and mamma Mona

  2. Ro- you just received three smooches from us xxx

  3. Their adventures were all kinds of adorable today!!!

    Sending love!!!!


  4. I love today's reading. Variations.